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What jobs do Slovaks apply for most often?

Media jobs dominated ahead of administrative work in 2019. p class="es-text-justifyJournalism is becoming a popular field among Slovaks.p class="es-text-justifyThe website Profesia.

sk claimed media-related jobs were a new favourite among job seekers in 2019. A total of 37 job seekers applied for one position in the field of journalism and media last year.p class="es-text-justifyCompared to 2018, it is an increase by 14 people.

Administration and top management fields followed in the website's analysis.p class="es-text-justifyIn fact, regional managers, general directors, copy editors and journalists were the professions people applied most often for in 2019.p class="es-text-justifyProfesia.

sk added a total of 17 job seekers applied for one position on average last year, which is about three applicants more than in 2017 and 2018.p class="es-text-justifyIn addition, people applying for jobs via were more likely to come from eastern Slovakia than western Slovak regions in the past year.

p class="article-published 11. Feb 2020 at 0:08 |Compiled by Spectator staff

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Publication:Slovak Spectator (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Geographic Code:4EXSV
Date:Feb 11, 2020
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