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What is your secret star sign?

THE Sun and planets do not circle randomly around the Earth. Their path around us draws a circle in the skies.

This disk-shaped band is called the ecliptic. The Moon's orbit around the Earth is not the same as the ecliptic. You could visualise them as two giant hoops, one inside the other, held at an angle. The Moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic in two places - these are the Moon's Nodes.

The North Node is where the Moon crosses the ecliptic towards the north, and the South Node is the opposite.

The North and the South Nodes are always directly opposite one another.

They make a complete circle through the 12 signs every 18 years and these Nodes are used in karmic or past-life astrology with the North Node showing what lessons are being learnt in this life and the South showing where those lessons may have came from.

Find where your North Node is here and what it means for you.


YOU were more than likely the power behind the throne in your past lives, the one who supported others and gave them the energy to further their careers or ambitions.

The problem with giving so much for another is the possible loss of your own identity and it may be that which keeps coming up as a theme in this life.

You may well have to concentrate your efforts there. You probably mirror other people really easily. Watch what you do during conversations - do you copy the gestures of those you're talking to?


THE one who directed people in the right direction, queen to a powerful king, general in battle or perhaps a wise woman of the village, that's your past-life profile.

Power struggles were also possible, which may have left you a fighter, preferring to raise your voice first and think diplomacy later - mainly far too late!

You need to have a comfort zone, a happy place, somewhere you feel secure and are able to let go of all the frustrations of modern life.


SEEKING the truth, past incarnations as pilgrims, nomads, travellers and mountain-top hermits may have been yours, which is why in this incarnation you love to travel.

These past lives could have left you with a superiority complex and you may have your work cut out convincing those around you to listen to your ideas.

In your youth you may have tried to get too much at once, but as time goes on you realise that by taking your time, things tend to sort themselves out eventually.


IN past lives you're likely to have had incarnations where normal family life either wasn't to be or was absolutely everything.

Both extremes are likely, with little in the middle ground.

Success is important to you, but it's likely to be driven by the need to be on top rather than the desire for financial gain. That's very nice, but it isn't what makes you tick. You're here to regain your connection with the rest of the world, and the family is your number one starting point.


PAST lives as scientists, observers, lookers in microscopes, not getting involved in things - guess what the balancing act here is? You have to engage and have fun.

Creativity is also key. Take up painting and drawing if you like, but making something from nothing is the real deal, starting your own business perhaps? You could also benefit from being the centre of attention. Why not be an entertainer? Go on , give 'em the old razzle-dazzle!


HOLD on to your ego, here's the list of past lives this node can indicate: lives spent in meditation, spiritual quests, writing poetry and making movies.

Giving up too easily could be a hangover from your past lives - it was easier to give in than fight on and not having any ego meant that many things weren't that relevant anymore, so why bother? Your imagination is likely to be incredible and using it would suit you well: think film-making, writing scripts and of course visualisation and meditation.


IN past lives you are likely to have been a fierce warrior and on occasion you may have alienated a few individuals.

Acting swiftly and without thinking, you may still rush into things without thinking them through and learning how to co-exist in a relationship of equals could be tricky, but will hold great rewards.

The chance to love is what this current incarnation could be all about and your node in this position could bring lots of relationships your way.


DEALING with money or issues about physical wellbeing could have been your lessons from a former life.

You're likely to have been creative in former lives. Think dressmaker, potter, painter or cook.

No stranger to comfort in a past life, you may overindulge in food and drink, but in this life those indulgences may not be appropriate and are likely to cause a problem.

Listening to the input of others is crucial to bring a freshness into your current life.


LETTING go and trusting your intuition is crucial for you; don't over-think things.

In past lives you are likely to have been in a position where you will have to have known what others were thinking - maybe a teacher, writer or other communicator of some sort - but you were all too concerned with other people, so now it's time to think about yourself and what's true for you.

You may be tempted to ask everyone for their opinion, but what you have to do is trust in yourself rather than be influenced by the approval of others.


FAMILY, tribe, clan - whatever you called your gathering, you're likely to have been at the heart of it - and that's where you're likely to want to stay, but what would that teach you? You must now learn to embrace the big wide world and master your own fate.

Family karma is likely to be strong, which means those you have travelled with in past lives are likely to be members of your family (that's true for many of us, but more so for Capricorn North Node) and therefore you won't have to look far to learn lessons!


BEING special is something you would have come to terms with in past lives.

Perhaps as royalty or an entertainer, but most definitely someone in the spotlight, which means you may find it a bit odd now the light has gone out and you're left to learn that things happen to all of us and it's shared human experience you have to participate in.

If you focus your attention hard enough, you can have pretty much anything, but don't go for glamour rather than the truth of who you are.


DOCTOR, nurse, healer - you were the one people turned to and you had to get it right every time.

Rules had to be followed and things done one way or not at all. If the rules were broken there would be turmoil.

Analysing everything is tough to do all of the time and learning to trust a little more would do you the world of good.

Worrying about what could happen is also a waste of time - you'd wiser concerning yourself with what is happening before wasting energy on woulda, shoulda, coulda.

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