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What is your experience with integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine Offers Obvious Benefits for Patients

I recently became the manager of an outpatient cancer center that offers integrative services, and I have seen the benefits for patients. In addition to state-of-the-art traditional medicine, each patient can be seen by a naturopathic physician, dietician, and psychoneuroimmunology counselor free of charge. They meet with each patient when they are first diagnosed and need to prepare for the fight ahead as well as develop skills to cope with this devastating diagnosis. They also provide healthy snacks in the infusion room and offer a healthy eating cooking class. Acupuncture is available for a variety of symptom management needs as well as smoking cessation. I wish all patients could receive this kind of care from caring professionals like Karen, Kelly, and Phil.

Roxy Karnes, RN, OCN[R], CCRP

Westville, IN

Acupressure Provides Comfort and Healing

As a nurse practitioner and a certified Isabell Gatto Method acupressure practitioner, I have witnessed the comfort and healing that can occur with patients at all stages of a cancer experience. Acupressure and other integrative modalities may not cure, but they can facilitate a process by which the whole being is addressed. Many patients emphasize that they want good quality of life and they do not want to suffer. These goals motivate them to seek a synthesis of conventional and integrative therapies as treatment for their diseases.

Through the application of pressure on specific sequential points, acupressure provides a therapeutic, nonmedicinal mode of addressing distressing emotions or symptoms. A relaxation response may allow an individual to attempt to return to a state of balance and thereby facilitate healing.

Kathy Madden, RN, AOCNP[R], FNP-BC

Carlstadt, NJ
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