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What happened to our trees? Letters.

DEAR Editor, Prior to the commencement of work on the city centre tramlines, how many readers can recall the beautiful, majestic American plane trees that lined both sides of Corporation Street? In winter they displayed their architectural splendour, spring brought the shoots of new leaf growth, summer was the welcome shade of their glorious canopies and autumn was the time for the changing colour of the foliage and the rustle of leaves underfoot. An absolute delight for shoppers, workers and visitors alike.

At the time of their removal in 2012, it was stated in local media that these trees will be 'replaced on a two for one basis within the city centre by Centro.' As nearly 30 trees were removed, that means 60 new trees are to be planted. As I have yet to notice an abundance of new greenery and trees in the city centre, I am presuming Centro are waiting until the tramlines are nearing completion before they start this mass tree planting programme. It will be so nice to see a greening up of Corporation Street and the nearby vicinity.

Birmingham is not the most attractive of cities, with its grey buildings and severe hard landscape. Any further soft landscaping must be greeted with welcome relief.

I sincerely hope the person or department responsible for maintaining the appearance of the city centre will ensure Centro complies with the promise and commitment it made to the Birmingham citizens back in 2012.

I await to see a green oasis appear alongside our new trams later this year.

Mr G Grant, Hodge Hill


Treeless: Corporation Street

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
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Date:May 7, 2015
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