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What goes on the pitch stays on the pitch.

SO a referee is in hot water for supposedly making inappropriate comments to players? That's awful. Not that he has supposedly said something - you can't blame refs for snapping back given the amount of abuse they get from players - but that he's in trouble for it.

It seems that everything that happens on the pitch now someone takes offence - and not always the 'victim' - then runs off to report it to the authorities.

That's sad.

Football is a physical game full of passion and drama played by strong men with no quarter asked or shown. There are some real tough guys out there, real competitors.

And anything that goes on the pitch should stay there.

Now it seems people are always running off telling tales.

Now I'm no fan of referees - I think they know the rules but they don't know the game - but they do a very difficult job.

And I certainly don't envy them.

It's one guy on his own surrounded by two teams of players who are all looking to get an advantage and cheat them.

And when they make an honest decision they run the risk of five rottweilers surrounding them and screaming in their face.

So who would be surprised if they made the odd comment back to a player? Over the years I had a few refs having a dig at me, telling me I was having a mare or I'd missed a sitter.

And maybe I was. I don't mind that. I certainly wouldn't run down the tunnel and report them.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 1, 2012
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