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What goes and what stays.


Components of End Item (COEI) are part of the end item, but are removed and packed separately for transportation or shipment. These items must be with the end item whenever it is transferred or turned in. An example is the AS-3683/PRC manpack antenna for the AN/PRC-119A radio set. COEI are authorized by the end item's technical manual.


Basic Issue Items (BII) are required to support and maintain an end item. They stay with the end item throughout its service life, even through turn in. Examples are the -10 TM and the jack handle, NSN 5120-01-0326042, for the M998 HMMWV. BII are authorized by the -10 TM for the end item.


Additional Authorization List items are authorized by MTOE, TDA, or common or joint table of allowances for use with the end item. However, the unit retains these items if the end item is transferred or turned in, Examples of radio AALs are cables, adapter wires and various batteries.


Expendable/durable supplies and materials are used to take care of end items. They include things like rags, adhesives, lubricants, rope, and tape. They are authorized by CTAs 50-970 or 8-100.
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