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What gardeners can do to control their slugs.

| As slugs love moisture, a dry garden at night time can significantly reduce their excursions - so consider watering the garden early in the morning.

| Introduce predators - nematodes are worm parasites that kill slugs. A treatment for 40 sq m cost around PS13, and lasts six weeks. It's safe for people, pets and wildlife, and can be very effective.

However you'll need to keep it up as other slug predators will shun your garden - creating ideal conditions for a slug plague. | Create a pond for frogs and encourage toads and hedgehogs into your garden. They all love to dine on slugs.

| Ducks are a great slug predator - Khaki Campbells or Indian Runners are reputed to be the best. But they also eat frogs...

Other slug killers include Carob beetles and centipedes. | Copper strips for border control are readily available, and can be an effective deterrent.

To save your pennies, don't spend them, plant them in the ground around plants.

Alternatively, use old electrical cable stripped of its insulation. | Other deterrents include egg shells, sharp sand, charcoal dust and charcoal left over after a BBQ. But for these to work, conditions must be dry.

| If all else fails, get out the beer traps and drown the slimy invaders. Any cheap lager will work, though slugs are reputed to favour Guinness.

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Dec 27, 2018
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