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What does 2019 have in store for you? STARS; It's written in the stars as astrologist Patrick Arundell looks to the sky and the relationship of the sun, moon, stars and planets to judge their influence on our lives.

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 20 2019 is going to prime an opportunity for you to balance your own needs, expectations and goals, with successfully interacting on an intimate and close basis with the people who are truly important to you.

Venus is urging you at the start of this year, to embrace the concept of collaboration.

There will be times when you don't get everything you want and it may feel at times that other people aren't being as cooperative as they could be.

Actually, subtle influences are unfolding which are asking you to just achieve the right equation between doing what's good for you, but also making others feel part of things.

For with Saturn sitting on your Sun at the turn of the year, along with a Partial Solar Eclipse on January 6 combining with Saturn in your zodiac sign, and Mercury hidden away in your 12th Solar House, rather unwittingly, you may give the impression of being somewhat withdrawn or preoccupied.

The truth is of course Capricorn, that you will be focusing on the matters that are truly important to you, and your gift for prioritisation means that you know you cannot spread yourself too thinly and must narrow your focus.

But how this is perceived maybe something you will want to consider. With the Moon's Nodes impacted by Saturn from April 21 through to mid October, this delicate equation will be particularly acute.

However, Jupiter and Uranus are going to urge you on the path of increased enlightenment, firstly by becoming more conscious of your untapped or spiritual potential and motivations, and latterly, by breaking away from any situation which is too restrictive as far as your selfexpression is concerned.

And a wonderful highpoint occurs on December 3, as lucky Jupiter returns to your sign for the first time in 12 years.

AQUARIUS January 21 - February 19 THERE continues to be a great emphasis on your deepest motivations and needs, and a push to understand who you can really trust and rely upon.

Given that you are the zodiac's armchair psychologist, discovering a fantastical amount more about what makes you tick, and the motivations of others too, can actually appeal to the more logical and detached side of your nature.

But there is a shift of emphasis this year, a lot of which can be so positive.

The go-getting energies of Mars starts 2019 in a very positive location, and along with a fantastic angle between Mercury and Uranus, this combination gives you the chance to demonstrate to people from the get-go, just how innovative and original you can be.

But equally, what's going to be vitally important is to ensure that whatever you're investing your time and energy into, is good for you.

If there is a lack of balance, this can throw up some issues, especially around your vitality or emotional well-being.

So, do look to be as virtuous as possible around life organisation, chores, physical activity, diet and nutrition and work. If all these things are monitored in a careful way, there are wonderful opportunities to progress.

For with expansive Jupiter's outstanding support, your networking skills and ability to collaborate can see you enjoy some fabulous breakthroughs at so many levels.

Mind, some changes are in the air too, ones that may see you make big alterations at home, or even begin to work from your abode.

If this helps to foster your love of space, independence and innovation, why not? Part time roles can also appeal, especially if you can juggle family demands more efficiently.

In relationships, the Super Moon of January 20, and some rare planetary alliances, could serve up something very special.

PISCES February 20 - March 20 YOU start this New Year with your traditional ruler of Jupiter, in a superb location for you to raise your profile and be more ambitious throughout the whole of 2019.

With your sector of creativity also superbly boosted, what's not to like? Well, the key to progress Pisces, is having a clear set of aspirations.

If you're not quite sure about what you want, it's possible that you could move into scenarios which aren't so ideal, so the clearer your plans are in terms of your long-term hopes, the better you are going to do.

With the planet of structure Saturn, emphasising your friendships all year, and linking in with the karmic Nodal Axis for a significant amount of it, it's also possible that some old alliances will change, perhaps even fade away. But nobody is going to leave your world who is truly right for you, and a powerful process of evolution is being played out.

This will be emphasised particularly by the Solar Eclipses of January 6 and December 26. Why? Well, you can be very fluid in your reactions and responses to situations, and therefore, very receptive, but now you are being asked to take a more detached view in how you approach things.

With the spiky, irreverent energies of Uranus moving into your sector of everyday communications, and bright and breezy interactions on March 6 for seven years, some fresh ideas can pour into your existence, and be highly stimulating too.

Neptune, your modern ruler, is also going to be influential, and one of the things that you are going to crave this year is the platform to demonstrate your flair and creativity, especially from mid-May to mid-September.

So, write out your wish list, factor in your needs, and then reach for the stars.

ARIES March 21 - April 20 YOU have an inherent love of initiating things Aries, and whilst 2019 offers rich possibilities for you to do precisely this, some strands of your situation are going to be about the consolidation of what you have been working on for some time.

Take seriously your goals and ambitions, for with hard work and application, rewards and recognition can seek you out this year.

If you're less sure about what you want to achieve, this can be a time of exciting new adventures, exploration and fresh possibilities.

This can be particularly true from March, when Uranus returns to your sector of resources. This and Jupiter's journey through your 9th Solar House to December 2, can see quite a shakeup.

With the point of personal destiny, the North Node, also reversing in Cancer all year, the Solar Eclipse of July 2 can be a precursor to improving where you live or perhaps moving altogether.

Whilst travel is possible, this could be related to your work, but finding moments to retreat and recuperate will be gratifying too.

However, your relationships with people in positions of authority or how you perceive responsibilities, can also be under the astral microscope.

And there could be times this year when your personal hopes and desires seem to chaffwith these.

Do mark in your diary April 5 to the end of May. This can be a time of greater intensity, and some parts of your approach or situation may need to change, but can do so for the better, but perhaps not always on the terms you expect.

Fortunately, sometimes what we wish for doesn't always come up to scratch and what we don't expect delights us, and this could be so for you!

Romantically, and if you are single, you are boosted by the Lunar Eclipse of January 20, which provides a backdrop for the following six months.

Someone rather different can provide a spark of attraction. But in a more settled union, give and take will be even more key.

TAURUS April 21 - May 21 MARK March 6 in your diary Taurus, for this is when Uranus will return to your sign where he will stay until April 2026.

It's not too much of an exaggeration to say that this could be one of the most important periods of your whole life.

Why? Well, Uranus is essentially about revolution, freedom, individuality, and in many ways, change.

Because of the fixed nature of your zodiac sign, you are someone with a real appreciation of stability.

But even if your routines are very wellestablished, change can be as good as a rest, and 2019 can be your opportunity to refresh any area of your existence which has become stale or outworn.

Now, at the turn of the year, the Sun is going to be conjunct with Saturn, and along with Pluto, all three are located in your sister Earth sign of Capricorn.

So these too, are pushing you to be more adventurous, open to new ideas and new ways of being.

It's possible for some Taurus people that you'll inject your enterprise into some kind of activity which sees you do well financially or in business. Your ruler Venus also links superbly well to Pluto at the turn of the year, so you should be optimistic that if you can embrace new possibilities, these could significantly enhance your existence.

However, this can be a year when your way of communicating and thinking also comes to the very centre of your world.

With Uranus' prompting from the spring, but also three Eclipses in your sister Earth sign of Capricorn, your mode of thinking and sharing, and also listening, are all supercharged.

If you feel passionately about any subject, you can promote it wonderfully.

Also, travel can take on a greater allure, but you may find yourself heading to new destinations rather than standard old haunts.

Most of all, your life needs to fizz with greater excitement, so as we all say at the New Year "out with the old and in with the new" and this can reflect your year's journey!

GEMINI May 22 - June 21 YOUR relationship sector sparkles beautifully this year Gemini, as fortune bringer Jupiter penetrates deeper into the sign of Sagittarius.

The reason this is particularly positive for you is that Jupiter is the ruling planet or guide of Sagittarius. So. for the first time in 12 years this transit can give you increased opportunities around relationships of all kinds.

However, with Jupiter, we have to put the work in, so the more you can interact with others the better your chances are to improve harmony, understanding or even finding a truly wonderful personal relationship.

More settled ties could though be influenced by Uranus' arrival in your 12th Solar House, on March 6, and with this transit, any little issues which have been bubbling in the background could come more to the fore.

This may lead to an increased sense of restlessness, but also give you the push to grapple with any thorny issue or tap into hidden qualities which may have flickered, but not fully come alive.

Financially, an excellent Solar Eclipse early in July, along with the karmic North Node's reversal through Cancer, can see you enjoy a slice of good fortune in the second half of the year.

But your resources will require careful stewardship all through 2019, and that old maxim of the harder we work the luckier we get, will probably turn out to be entirely apt for you.

And an area you could apply this to, and be particularly astute around, can be property.

This may see you renovate or move, or add an extra touch of class to your existing abode.

A partnership of some kind can also turn out to be very beneficial, but it will be important to clearly mark out who does and CANCER June 22 - July 23 IT MAY seem like the astral record is somewhat stuck, but just like the last few years, the chances are Cancer, that relationships really are going to be at the heart of your possibilities for 2019, but perhaps this time around in a slightly different way.

How? Well, it may be that whilst there can be rich rewards from building closer co-operation with people, the key relationship that's going to change this year is set to be with yourself, and your understanding can deepen as to how you interact with others.

However, I think it is true to say, that with the revolutionary influence of Uranus from March 6, shaking up your sector of friendships and group involvements, as well as your own personal philosophies, and the soul influence of the North Node passing through your sign all year, you are much less likely to accept second best when it comes to an intimate relationship.

But should you up your expectations? This is entirely possible, but just be conscious others can expect more from you too.

This year can also see you in a highly productive mode. Why? Fortunately, your physical vitality can increase, and the Cardinal or leadership quality of your zodiac sign can be manifested from the time of your birthday much more powerfully.

In other words, you can be keen to take a firmer grip on your life direction and be much more assertive.

All this will be boosted by Mars' location at the start of this year, into your 10th Solar House, the sector of worldly interactions, which can prime your go-getting credentials superbly well.

So, if taking on more responsibilities or making your way up the ladder of success appeal, the planets confer the assets from above to make this happen.

LEO July 24 - August 23 A SPLENDID Leo Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon on January 20, link in with the planet of individuality, Uranus.

This combination will provide a backdrop of energy for the following six months, which can see you demonstrate just how charismatic you can be.

But as much as injecting your situation with some spark and excitement, there will be more everyday matters to grapple with as well, not least your responsibilities and obligations to others too. Balancing these two contrasting sets of energies is the key to your success in 2019.

And with some deeper strands at play also this year, this could see you turning a little more inward, or at least becoming more open to spiritual strands, personal development, healing and recuperation.

Ironically, the marvellous location of Jupiter itself, for much of 2019, can urge you to demonstrate your more playful and creative urges.

This is enhanced further still by Mercury's sensational angle to Uranus at the turn of the year, which can push you to be open to innovation, higher education and travel. With Mars, the power planet, also back in its home zone of Aries as January begins, you will likely want to push the boundaries of your existence and take a more devil may care attitude.

But the arrival of Uranus back into the sign of Taurus after a five-month hiatus, suggests that it can be your role in life that needs to be transformed most of all.

Changes at work are particularly possible, as you seek new stimuli and meaning.

So however much this year's journey can see you looking outwards and making changes in your external affairs, it's going to be the ones which evolve within you that are likely to have the greatest impact.

VIRGO August 24 - September 23 WHATEVER talents you have, and whatever personal hopes and wishes you would like to manifest in your love life or creatively, some kind of change is probably inevitable this year Virgo.

Because you can be a sacrificing person, often involved in jobs which require precision, helping people by providing support, services and practical assistance, it's also going to be important in 2019 to blend in with this an understanding that new frontiers await.

And the chances are that what might have served you so well for many Moons are in a state of transition.

Principally, this is going to be down to the journeys of both Saturn and Pluto to your 5th Solar House of Capricorn, the sector of self expression and life's joys. Equally, the role of freedom loving Uranus, in your sector of expansion and new experiences, from March 6, pushes you to break out of any limiting situation.

Too much giving to others and not enough time spent embracing your own individual needs, is going to see you feel compromised this year and potentially resentful.

Identifying what you want to move forwards with yourself is the crux of all this, and it's possible that something that was once very important is losing or will lose its lustre.

But the Solar Eclipse of July 2, gives you great cause for optimism.

This may see you interacting with others on a wider basis, and help you to relax a little more, and strange as it seems, being rather less virtuous.

We only live this life once, and the planets are asking you to enjoy every single minute of this year. So even if some kind of change is occurring for you, it is all a prompt to see you make the most of your tremendous, individual gifts and flair.

SCORPIO October 24 - November 22 AS 2019 dawns, Venus, the planet of love and loot, angles brilliantly to your modern ruler, the passionate Pluto, suggesting that someone or some kind of cause or interest can really capture your imagination this year.

Your natural ability to see beyond surface impressions can help guide you to where you can invest your vast energies, but those people or situations which really engage you, can see you do so to the max.

Furthermore, Jupiter, the planet of growth, emphasises your resources.

This can see you enjoying a genuine slice of financial fortune in 2019, and this could come as early as January, Scorpio. Mind, if you love good food and wine, there may be times this year when you find yourself needing to watch your intake of calorific goodies.

A more spiritual influence also pushes you to be more expansive and open to new ideas, and even though stern Saturn and Pluto continue in a strident zone, they will serve to help you to distil the ideas and thoughts that are really meaningful.

This can also be a year when you find yourself wanting to break through any previously felt barriers and restrictions.

Travel, higher education or professional development, can all be things that grip you.

With Uranus moving into your sector of relationships, where he will stay until 2026, if there is any tie which has lost its sparkle, you may find yourself looking for a new, more engaging alternative. Solo? March 6, brings a whole new cycle into play, one which will last for seven years, but bring much greater excitement to your relationships and rarely a dull moment.

This will see you needing to balance the give and take in any friendship, family tie or personal involvement, so that your personal identity is neither swamped or suppressed, and equally, you giving space to those you share your time with.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21 THE wonderful news Sagittarius, is that your guide planet Jupiter has returned to your sign for the first time in 12 years.

He is also set to be with you for just under a year, and this can be a time of many new beginnings and bright possibilities.

You may also transform your personal image, update your thinking or initiate a new project or venture. Jupiter bestows upon you your curious nature, love of new challenges and dislike of settling for the status quo.

Yet what the continued emphasis on your sector of finances has taught you over the last year particularly, is that you must balance your optimism with maintaining a stable and sound foundation.

This trend is set to intensify in 2019, and especially through April and May. But if anyone has the enterprise to squeeze more from their resources and talents, it is you.

With the added bonus of Mars, the planet of drive, being located in your sister fire sign of Aries as the year begins, this will boost your creativity considerably.

With talk and thought Mercury also in your sign at the turn of the year and linking with Uranus, the planet of innovation, don't underestimate what you can achieve by following your hunches and taking the less trodden path.

The location of this year's three Solar Eclipses and their links to the exacting Saturn and transformational Pluto, gives you an outstanding opportunity to achieve lasting and tangible material results.
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