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What do we want, model citizens or the procreation of the human race? OPINION.

Byline: Dube in Carmarthen

SEX. There's a word to catch the eye. It sells anything and everything. It might even draw your eye to this column.

Amazingly, given the experience of many millions of years and billions of people, we're not too well up on the subject. It's surprising that the human race has made it so far, with successive generations dependent only on what they discover from parents, friends and experimentation.

Luckily our ancestors managed to overcome their ignorance -without their earnest endeavours we might not be here today. But this state of affairs can go on no longer. Even now, it seems some of us believe procreation depends on a stork depositing a new born in a cradle provided by expectant parents after - wayoutwest and only after - they have pledged their lifetimes to each other in front of their god. We've all seen the pictures.

Steve Dube in Carmarthen Of course, the reality has been openly explored by writers and artists and even in films. But even now, in far flung parts of the country, people congregate, dressed for all seasons in anoraks and raincoats, hoping for a glimpse of some bird - or it may be a bee - doing the business.

And that's just not good enough. Neither is it, as they say, fit for purpose to leave it to boys and girls to discover the joys of sex for themselves. We must teach them the facts so that everything slips into place and there's an end to incompetent fumbling in the dark.

Fortunately, there's still room in the curriculum and we've covered everything else needed to equip young people for responsible adulthood and prepare them for an uncertain and, let's face it, rotten world. There's no reason why anyone should grow up in ignorance of all the other facts of life.

Take the world of finance, for instance. We prepare them carefully for the shysters, gangsters, thieves and bankers that we know will try to rob them with stealth or pen or lead them by the nose into stress-strewn debt.

Similarly, we've got the problem of dangerous drugs sorted. Every child now realises that not everything in the garden is lovely in an unqualified sort of way. Again we have sensible safeguards in place and education to match.

We can see the results for ourselves. Endless fine tuning of the education system by enlightened politicians has ensured that our youngsters no longer smoke or drink or take illegal drugs and they never get into debt. Thanks to school and with the help of our sane and well balanced society, they grow into model citizens, every one of them.

But the trouble is, they're not having sex. Some of them reach the age of 15 without any sexual experience whatever.

This poses a threat to the very future of humankind.

Climate change has nothing on it. It's time to sit the children down and spell it out: S-e-x - go to it kids.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 10, 2009
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