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What do we see ahead in 2011? Iowa nurses association legislative agenda 2011.

The following was recommended by the INA Public Policy Committee and adopted by the INA Board of Directors on November 20, 2010:

1. Continue support of the authority of the Iowa Board of Nursing to define the scope of Nursing practice

2. Support initiatives to provide safe, portable and accessible health care to all Iowans

3. Promote and support core public health functions

4. Support resources to address the nursing shortage

The following legislation will be introduced by the Iowa Department of Public Health


relating to health information technology, a statewide health information exchange and the creation of Iowa e-Health

1. Statement of intent and findings

A. It is the intent of the general assembly to use health information technology as a catalyst to achieve a healthier Iowa through the electronic sharing of health information. A health information exchange (HIE) involves sharing health information across the boundaries of individual practice and institutional health settings and with consumers.

The result is a public good that will contribute to improved:

(1) Clinical outcomes and patient safety;

(2) Population health;

(3) Access to and quality of health care;

(4) Efficiency in health care delivery.

B. The general assembly finds the following:

(1) Health information technology allows for comprehensive management of health information and its secure electronic exchange between providers, public health, payers, and consumers. Broad use of health information technology should improve health care quality and the overall health of the population, increase the efficiencies in administrative health care, reduce unnecessary health care costs and help prevent medical errors.

(2) Health information technology provides a mechanism to transform the delivery of health and medical care in Iowa and across the nation. Technology used to support health-related functions is broadly known as health information technology (HIT). Electronic health records (EHR) are used to collect and store relevant patient health information. EHRs serve as a means to bring evidence-based knowledge resources and patient information to the point of care to support better decision making and more efficient care processes.
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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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