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What can a window do for a garden wall?

What can a window do for a garden wall?

Windows hint at worlds beyond. Whenused in garden walls, where blank fences or solid walls might otherwise seem confining and austere, they can suggest vistas. Whether decorative or functional, a window can turn a simple walled patio into a legitimate outdoor room.

In ancient Chinese gardens, a window wasoften just a simple oval or square cutout placed to frame a view, like a picture on a wall. Revealing only part of what's beyond, such windows can lend a sense of mystery and discovery to a garden.

On the practical side, windows or cutoutscan improve air circulation in a confined area. By repeating the use of building materials, they can connect the garden with the house's architectural style.

Each of the five pictured here serves adifferent purpose. Whether designed to create a focal point or capture a view, they all, in subtle ways, bring an additional dimension to their settings.

Photo: New window in what was once a blank wall between two patiosbreaks up the masonry expanse (as does new bench), offers seductive glimpse of garden beyond. Owner and landscape architect: Ric Wogisch, Tucson

Photo: Thoughtfully placed windowoffers a peek into the courtyard from the private front garden. Design: Nancy Goslee Power and Associates, Santa Monica

Photo: Open sectionsof wooden fence frame view from patio in Boulder, Colorado, while solid sections protect privacy. Owner-builder: James C. Henry

Photo: Metal-framed, glass-louvered window lets homeowner view visitors from inside courtyard as they approach gate up the front walk

Photo: Louvered shutters give garden wallan airy quality and provide attractive backdrop for flowers while screening views of potting bench from garden side. Design: Oasis/Wogisch and Associates, Tucson
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Date:Jul 1, 1987
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