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What are your pet peeves?

We all have that something that drives us crazy; that one thing, or perhaps a few other things, that really annoys or irritates us. We all have our own pet peeves and it could just be about anything, including technology. While it is true that technology has greatly improved our lives, some or most of us--without really being conscious of it--may have let technology run our lives. This, for some, could be really infuriating. Here are some tech pet peeves that you may be guilty of.

Just because it can be photographed, doesn't mean it should be

Photography has been taken for granted. Over time, a massive amount of photos of food, pets, "selfies," and other subjects have been uploaded. It seems like everybody is too busy capturing moments that they've failed to live the moment.

Not enough WiFi

Many of people love being connected to the web; and why not? Just imagine the near infinite information, the social connectivity, the latest episode of Game of Thrones! These are all too sweet for our own good. It is great to have data connectivity when you need to use maps, check emails, and other practical stuff like GrabTaxi; but the moment it goes away, some of us may find this crippling.

A messy desktop screen

We need shortcuts on our main desktop screen and we need to organize them, too. If we don't, the desktop can get too crowded making it more difficult to find files. In addition, the large amount of icons on the screen is an eyesore.

Using your phone while in the middle of a conversation

Taking out your phone to check calls or messages while the other person is in mid-sentence is plain rude. This puts you and whoever you are with in an awkward and unpleasant situation. Remember, technology comes and goes; but respect for one stays forever.

Senseless Use of Social Media

Nothing is more annoying than seeing pointless status updates in social networks. This includes proclaiming oneself to be a more responsible social media user (by saying it out loud is actually the exact opposite), shameless attempts to indirectly insult someone, or getting angry at some random stranger about something petty.

Tablets for photography

One of the things that some find irritating is when one takes out a 10-inch tablet and sticks it up in the air to get a photo. They're practically blocking someone else's view and is awkward to look at. We're not saying don't take photos with your tablet, but if you can avoid it, please do.

Being ruled by technology

It is a shame, we see friends and families together, but instead of talking or communicating with each other, they seem to be too busy with their own mobile devices. Even kids are no exception. Just to keep them quiet, parents would give them devices to keep them busy. Dating, too, has become indifferent, as couples can actually go through a date without talking, focused on something in their phone; which is totally annoying.

Unknowingly being a cyberbully

Facebook and other social media platforms consist of a huge number of members or account holders with different personalities. If there are stalkers, there are bullies as well. Although bullying may come in different forms, their goal, most often than not, is the same and that is to enforce their superiority. We should not tolerate this. Always be mindful of other's feelings and never allow anybody to make you feel inferior.

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Title Annotation:Tech Lifestyle
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Date:Jun 25, 2014
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