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What are you doing to save water in your garden?

Water shortages of the past several year have changed the way many of us garden. Sunset would like to know how much you've had to change your gardening practices and landscaping because of limited water. Please answer any or all of the following 18 questions. Send the answers to Reduced Water Gardening, Sunset Magazine, 80 Willow Rd., Menlo Park, Calif. 94025. Thank you for your help. 1. What water district do you live in? 2. To what degree is your water district (or are you, if you have your own water supply) limiting or rationing water during the 1990 dry season'! 3. If vou are using less water in the garden this dry season than you did during the same period in 1989, how much less? Just estimate the percentage or fraction of water you eliminated. 4. Two ways to conserve garden water are to install drip irrigation and to use gray water. Did you do either this past year'? 5. In what other ways did you conserve garden water? Did your actions show up as savings on your water bill? Questions 6 through 14: basic landscaping 6. If you have had to use less water in your garden, have any of the permanent plants (trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, ground covers) died as a result? Which ones'? 7. If receiving less water has damaged any of your permanent plants, what is happening to them? 8. Which permanent plants in your garden have needed the most water this summer just to survive? 9. Which of your permanent plants look good despite little or no watering? 10. Are you going to put in any new permanent plants between now and November 15? Which ones? 11. When you put in new plants, will you install drip irrigation or other equipment in order to water them as efficiently as possible? What equipment have you installed or will you install? 12. If you've tried mulching to conserve water, how effective has it been? Were some mulches better than others? 13. Beyond replacement planting, what structural changes are you making or have you made to conserve garden water (such as extending patios into lawn area)? 14. Does your garden have water-saving features you're especially proud of? Please tell us about them. Questions 15 through 18: lawns 15. If you still have some lawn, what type of grass is it? 16. If you are watering your lawn by ET (evapotranspiration) guidelines, has the ET-recommended amount kept it looking presentable? 17. Have you reduced the size of your lawn or eliminated it entirely because of its water requirements? If you reduced it, by how much? 18. If you reduced or eliminated your lawn, how are you filling the space where the grass was?
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Date:Sep 1, 1990
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