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What are these brown patches on my skin?

Symptoms: 6 A single brownish red patch on your back or chest which is then followed by similar patches elsewhere.

6 Brown patches usually on the sides of the neck and possibly the face, near the ears.

6 Light brown patches appearing on the sides of the face and the forehead and around the chin line during pregnancy.

It could be: 6 A mild fungal infection of the skin called pityriasis rosea. It's not harmful but is quite infectious.

6 A sensitivity to the essential oils in perfume or perfumed products.

6 Chloasma due to hormonal stimulation of the cells that produce melanin in the skin.

Stop it: 6 See your doctor who can prescribe an antifungal to successfully control the infection.

6 Avoid using perfume directly on the skin and check labels and use only perfume-free beauty products. The discolouration will disappear of its own accord.

6 There's no need for any treatment. The patches will fade and disappear in time after the birth of your baby.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 15, 2015
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