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What are military air waivers and when must you use them?


* A detailed description of the package, including pertinent test data.

* A proper shipping name including its:

--hazard class

--identification number

--packaging group

--the net quantity of the material.

* A detailed explanation of why the established requirements cannot be met.

* A transportation analysis showing why surface transportation cannot be effectively used.


* The reason incompatible materials require shipment together

* The reason for air movement

* Why other transportation modes cannot be used.

* Statement that if one item detonates or leaks, incompatible items (in the same container or on the same aircraft) will not cause a secondary explosion, fire, corrosive effect on, or contamination of the aircraft.

* A brief description (include tests, if performed) that support your safety conclusions.

* Any additional safety controls the carrier must exercise.

* The intended date of movement, routing, and type of airlift required.

* The national stock numbers, model numbers of explosive items, proper shipping names, hazard classes, identification numbers, quantity or net explosive weight (individual and total as applicable), and packaging paragraphs.

* Points of contact at origin and destination bases.



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