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What are Ahmeti and Gruevski up to? Is Ali a "Trojan horse"?

There is a great dilemma of what Ali Ahmeti and Nikola Gruevski are being up to. Gruevski has so far looked up to the Serbs in underrating Albanians, controlling them and making their lives a miserable as possible. Gruevski used Ali Ahmeti as a Trojan horse in the politics of Albanians in Macedonia through the half-agreement called Ohrid Accord. And while Albanians have been seeking ways to fulfill this agreement since 2001, Gruevski has been carrying out anti-Albanian projects, the analysis of the newspaper Bota Sot says.

"Tacitly, by refusing to get them employed, by discriminating against them in the public sector, he managed to coerce thousands of Albanians into leaving for the West. By destroying their hopes for life, with the Slav-Macedonian state he managed to change Macedonia's demography although only temporarily. But this doesn't seem enough to Ali Ahmeti so he would eventually change his political course or leave politics. He has now begun using the same scenarios that Gruevski has been using to stay in power. In this context, the bomb that exploded outside the BDI HQ in Mala Recica cannot be seen separately from the scenario of feigning a victim in public at a time when tensions are high and the hostility to the government and Ali Ahmeti is growing. This coexistence of Ali Ahmeti and Gruevski's government is disgraceful to Albanians in the light of all the scandals and has at the same time contradicted all of Ahmeti's arguments," Bota Sot says. I.M.

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Title Annotation:Lajm (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:May 5, 2015
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