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What about gray?

Gray is taking the interior design industry by storm according to The Washington Post real estate section.

Reporter Katherine Salant teases, "If you ask 1,000 people to name their favorite color, you might get one who would say gray." However, "Look at any lifestyle or shelter magazine and you'll see that gray is hot and seemingly here to stay." Among its qualities:

* Warm grays help to create a cozy feel

* Gray comes in a broad range of tones, from silver to charcoal

* Splashes of bright colors in a mostly gray rooms stand out dramatically

* Gray interiors bring out nature's best colors when seen through a window

* Lowes carries more than 300 shades of gray, The Home Depot has 120 shades, Sherwin-Williams carries 95, PPG has 91 and Glidden offers 70

* Using gray in a mostly black-and-white room creates a happy mood, not a depressing one.


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Title Annotation:marketing insider
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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