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What a week for.

Byline: SOAPS By Tess Lamacraft We love

NICOLA AND LAUREL EMMERDALE Lauren and Marlon return from their honeymoon, but Nicola is shocked (right) when Laurel reveals there was zero bedroom action while they were away.

Unfortunately, things won't be improved by Doug moving in with them and April's behaviour starts to make the stress levels soar. Meanwhile, a grieving Ross - moody scowl intact - also returns to the village.

DEAN AND STACEY EASTENDERS Stacey's embarrassed when she wakes up under Dean's double duvet after their drunken night of passion (left). She tells her boss it was a big mistake and there definitely won't be a repeat performance. Meanwhile, there are also awkward faces when Jonny's convinced Ben fancies him, even though Abi seems sure that Ben's already got a girlfriend. That's news to us.

CILLA AND SINEAD CORONATION STREET When Cilla (right) decides she's outstayed her welcome and announces she's off, Ches and Fiz practically frog-march her to the bus stop before cracking open some celebratory tinnies. However, they soon have an attack of guilt when Sinead reveals to them just how seriously ill their mum is. Will they have a change of heart and encourage Ma Battersby to stay? TOSH AND TINA EASTENDERS Tosh is devastated not to be pregnant, but when Tina tries to offer some words of comfort yet another fiery argument erupts which ends in the pair coming to blows (left). How will Tina explain away her black eye and, more importantly, how can this relationship survive? We're exhausted by their constant rowing and resentment. Surely it's time these two called it a day?

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 25, 2014
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