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What a week for.

JASON, NICK, EVA CORONATION STREET While neither thickie brickie Jason nor Eva The Diva would make it to the Mastermind finals, he isn't as daft as she thinks. For why would a girl insist their first date is at her ex Nick's Bistro (right)? To make him jealous.

"You're into parading me," Jase tells her on Wednesday. "Well, I ain't nobody's toy, Eva. And I tell you something else, you can get the bill. See ya."

THE BARTONS EMMERDALE After husband Farmer John was despatched out of this soap in a wooden box, there are more tears for Moira as daughters Hannah and Holly say farewell to her and brother Adam (left) on Wednesday and head off for their new lives in London.

"Have a great time," says pub landlady Chas as she stands them a round. "Lots of partying and unsuitable boys."

JAY, ABI, TANYA EASTENDERS Not that long ago, Abi Branning was a little girl arranging tearful funerals for her pets. But now she's a young teenager, secretly engaged to boyfriend Jay and planning to run away together.

Unable to hide his excitement, Jay insists they show her mum Tanya the ring on Tuesday (right). He then gives Abi an ultimatum: him or her trip to Costa Rica. Best pass her the suncream, then.

PADDY, MARLON, RHONA EMMERDALE There's laugh-out-loud humour as Rhona starts to plan her wedding to Paddy and declares it will be "something simple". But it seems to involve "profiterole mountains... a pimp car... and naked sky diving". Gulp.

"Did you think I was gunna let the Chuckle Brothers organise a hip-hop wedding?" she asks Paddy and Marlon (left). Talk about Bridezilla. Scary stuff.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 16, 2012
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