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What a week for.

DWalking disaster Kerry helps Amelia with a cycling project but manages to cause a head-on crash with a cyclist training for the Tour de France. And Dan is a smidge jealous to find the chap, Laurent, lying on his sofa being indulged by Kerry (right). He should be relieved. At least his Bridezilla other half has stopped banging on about wedding dresses for five minutes.

BIANCAANIKKI DBianca's loathed her love rival Nikki ever since clapping eyes on the pampered trolley dolly. So when she suspects there's something going on between Nikki and her dad (nice stirring, detective Liam) she's immediately on the warpath. Cue an almighty shrieky showdown in the street (left) culminating in Nikki being shoved into a pile of bin bags!

OWANANNA Poor Anna's been an emotional wreck ever since that slimeball Phelan blackmailed her into sleeping with him. Finally, Owen is starting to notice his wife's bedroom-dodging antics. When he books a hotel room for her birthday and she seems more terrified than delighted, he demands the truth. Anna's not going to tell him about Phelan is she? Oh yes she is!

CHARITANGAN DCharity's scheming ploy to shunt Megan out of her life backfires when Megan announces she'll be sticking around. Not only that, but she decides it's time to clear the air and plucks up the courage to tell Declan she was responsible for Charity's miscarriage (left). How will he react to that little bombshell? Not in the way Charity was expecting, that's for sure.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:May 24, 2014
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