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What a nerve!

I REFER to RAH's "Delightful, but..." (GDN, May 19)!! So you were delighted to read my reply but not because of its content itself but mostly because you felt your words hit a nerve with me somehow !! Really!! I have so many nerves in my body that they don't respond to balderdash comments and further I don't know and I am not sure whether you have spent all this time and effort here to hit the nerve of someone, not necessarily me, or you are here to reveal facts about the topic on which you argued.

I don't need to repeat myself and what I wrote I stick to and when I receive balderdash replies as a response, then my comments will be in the same context. You need not drag this argument on since you have already revealed enough of your high-calibre mentality and intelligence. Why do you need my permission to enjoy your lovely grilled shrimp salad? You don't have to ask the permission of your holy books either whether to consume shrimps or not since it has made halal everything in the sea and on land that comes to your mind not to mention grilled rats, or snakes or raccoons etc. I don't have to brainwash the readers because they have a mind of their own and there is something big inside their heads which is called brain and, trust me, they don't need anybody to wash it. Now go and enjoy your salad because it might get spoiled!

Ali R Kazerooni

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:May 26, 2013
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