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What a difference 4 feet make.

A 4-foot-deep addition blends easily with the rest of this house but does much to improve brightness, comfort, and openness between rooms.

First, the old outside wall with its leaking sliding-glass doors was replaced by a 21-foot-long, 6-by-14 beam. Running from the beam to the new outside wall, short lengths of 4-by-6 rafters look like extensions of the living room rafters.

The new wall has one set of French doors, and double-glazed windows with operable panels set at floor level for ventilation. Indoors along the windows, a 4-foot-wide tiled band runs from the kitchen along the expanded living room to the family room. The tile absorbs winter sunlight for solar heating as well as making an easy-to-clean surface between the outdoors and the carpeted floor.

Architect: Peter Rodi of Designbank San Diego, for owners Kathy and John Deal.
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Title Annotation:living room remodeling
Date:Nov 1, 1984
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