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What a Deal!

Producing information, fine-tuning its presentation, sharing that finished product -- that's what National Right to Life News does. For more than 28 years, NRL News has functioned as the grassroots pro-lifer's one-stop informational mart.

That job is one that we do proudly and, we hope, well. But for those who may not know, the right to life newspaper of record has a fast-food kid sister: Today's News & You might ask, why?

A couple of reasons. We print some hefty issues of NRL News, but even so we can only go so many pages. Cyberspace is essentially limitless. We can use the World Wide Web not only to cover a given story in greater depth but also to run sidebars with additional information, from a different perspective, on a related topic.

But it's not just the capability to produce extended looks that makes the web so useful to us and to our readers. NRL News has an enormous readership, the size of which means that it is not financially feasible to print more than once a month.

Today's News & Views is, as the name suggests, a daily feature. Time and a move into a new building and computer snafus can slow us down, but ultimately there is a commentary/story/review each day, five days a week.

In addition, because information moves essentially instantaneously on the Internet, we can bring you the latest--the very latest--information. And that is useful in all circumstances, critical in some.

I say all this to ask you two things. If you're already a reader of Today's News & Views, continue doing so but also pass word along of its existence to your friends. (I was staggered the other day when one of the best connected pro-lifers I knew looked at me blankly when I asked if he had read yesterday's edition. Never assume!)

If you're not, log on and be placed on the "hot list." You'll have each edition automatically sent to you by e-mail. What a deal!

Again, this is not about me, as editor of NRL News, or Today's News & Views. It's about becoming the best equipped champion of unborn babies and the medically dependent that you can be.

Please take advantage of this wonderful resource. I guarantee you that you'll be glad you did. The address?

dave andrusko can be reached at>EN
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Publication:National Right to Life News
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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