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What You Can Do: New Preparations For Your Birthing Body. (Media Reviews).

What You Can Do ... New Preparations For Your Birthing Body

by Common Knowledge, 2001, $85.00, order from Mother Care' at (866) TO BIRTH

I as honored to be contacted by Wintergreen (a traditional midwife from New Zealand) of Common Knowledge Trust in New Zealand regarding this incredible kit containing a book, video, and audiocassette. The wisdom contained in this kit is remarkable in that it is both ancient and new. The timeless wisdom of traditional midwives from Australia, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe has been captured in the information provided in this kit for birth professionals and birthing mothers worldwide, wisdom that, if lost, would have been a tragedy indeed.

What you will learn from this kit is how to map the size of your pelvis, how to work with the four types of tension that hinder birth, how to easily create more room in your pelvis, and so much more. All women give birth to babies from the same place. Our bodies are the same and we can share the common knowledge each of us has in learning about our bodies and how they work in response to labor and our baby's movement through the pelvis. This information is practical and easy to learn. It includes mapping our pelvis, hip lift, sacral maneuver, sit bone spread, and the pelvic clock. It's also fun. Great for men too, because their pelvises are similar.

As many of you know, one of my many hats is the President of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), Inc. When wearing that hat, I work a lot to support mothers, to help them make informed decisions regarding their cesarean or vaginal birth experience. For most women, they are seeking to avoid a cesarean and this kit provides the answers so many are seeking. This kit was conceived because of the many thousands of women who felt that if they had only known more, they might have had a better birth experience. Others felt so removed from their natural instincts that they had lost the ability to surrender to this natural process. Nearly all wondered why they felt so powerless and confused.

Most commonly, problems encountered are that the bony pelvis is not an easy fit for the baby, the uterine contractions are failing to open the cervix, the birth canal and perineum aren't being opened easily by the baby, or the pelvic floor fails to regain its tone after birth. This kit not only addresses those concerns, but provides solid information on understanding and working through these problems prenatally and during labor.

Wintergreen states, "If we can map the pelvis and `know' its shape, then we can move into positions that `keep us open.' If we know what the soft tissue structure inside is like, then we can prepare so that the soft tissue doesn't interfere with the descent of the baby. If we know what the inside of our bony structure is like, then we can use gentle ways to open those bones and give babies more space." As an example she states, "An anterior lip is a pinching of the tissue between the baby and the bony pelvis. This implies there is a need to move the bones to open that space, to focus on relaxing the muscles that allow the back of the baby's head to `round the corner.' These are all things you can learn to do for yourself or teach others."

My advice to anyone that supports women, teaches women, or is planning to give birth, is that you need to learn more about this remarkable and groundbreaking kit. I learned today what caused my own three cesarean births and that information should be common knowledge for all women.
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Author:Banack, Connie
Publication:Special Delivery
Article Type:Book Review
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Date:Dec 22, 2001
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