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What To Eat: An Aisle-by-Aisle Guide to Savvy Food Choices and Good Eating.

WHAT TO EAT: An Aisle-by-Aisle Guide to Savvy Food Choices and Good Eating


Navigating the aisles of warehouse-size supermarkets and making sense of increasingly complicated nutrition labels can bewilder many a food shopper. With this comprehensive guide, Nestle, a nutritionist, makes the weekly trip to the grocery less daunting and a healthy diet more attainable. She traverses each section of today's supermarket: produce, dairy, meat, fish, and the center aisles (where most of a store's profit is made). She outlines how to make informed, safe, and nutritious selections. She describes the differences between organic and conventional produce, the hidden politics of dairy foods, the health claims behind soy products, and the dangers of trans fats. She also details the threat of mercury in seafood and discusses how to balance that danger against the health-giving promise of omega-3 acids in fish. From caffeine to infant formula to herbal supplements, Nestle comments on foods that factor into people's lifestyles and determine their health. North Point Press, 2006, 624 p., hardcover, $30.00.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 13, 2006
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