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What NZNO offers IQNs.

I'D LIKE to respond to questions raised by NZNO delegate Jacob Panikkamannil in his letter to Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand last month concerning NZNO's funding, support and recruitment of internationally qualified nurses (IQNs).

IQNs receive the same benefits and support as all NZNO members. According to internal NZNO data, IQN members as individuals participate in NZNO activities, and utilise its full range of professional, legal, industrial and advisory services as much as other members do. IQNs are just as likely to join a college or section, to seek advice or to require assistance as other members.

NZNO has advocated on behalf of IQNs as a group, in terms of their particular needs, interests and role in the nursing workforce. Specific NZNO initiatives on behalf of IQNs include:

* Collecting and analysing data on IQNs in all five NZNO employment surveys.

* Regular responses to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) on issues such as employer accreditation and skills shortages.

* A webpage for IQNs ( nz/resources/internationally_qualified_nurses).

* Joint development with INZ of the employer guide for migrants in aged care.

* Publications identifying IQN-related issues, including our Vision for Nursing 2020 and Beyond, manifestos, the Discussion Paper on IQNs.

* Numerous submissions to, and engagement with, the Nursing Council, government agencies, ministers and politicians, employers and others, aimed at reducing exploitation of and discrimination against IQNs and improving their security and retention.

* Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand coverage of IQN news, plus issues devoted to migrant nurses/nursing.

* Supporting, through the Greater Auckland Regional Council, the IQN Forum, which has now been held for three consecutive years.

An exciting prospect will be following up Margaret Brunton's research, (supported by the McCutcheon Trust), which identifies key areas for improving cross-cultural communication in our nursing workforce. (A summary of this research is available from the NZNO library. See also p34, this issue.) NZNO welcomes suggestions from members on this issue (send them to

IQNs have every opportunity to participate in NZNO structures and activities to make even more visible the work we do and their contribution to it. We also encourage IQNs to take part in leadership positions at board level.

NZNO does not capture in our membership database the country of training and initial registration for RNs, so cannot state how many IQNs are members. However, assuming the proportion of members who are IQNs is similar to Nursing Council statistics (26 per cent of the nursing workforce), then IQNs have a lot to contribute to, and gain from, NZNO.

Memo Musa, NZNO chief executive


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Author:Musa, Memo
Publication:Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand
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Date:Dec 1, 2017
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