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What Mothers Say: The Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey.

Public Health Agency of Canada, 2009

This is a national survey of Canadian women's experiences, perceptions, knowledge and practices before conception and during pregnancy, birth and the early months of parenthood. Using the 2006 Canadian Census, a stratified random sample of 6,421 women over age 14 with singleton live births in the previous three months were identified and interviewed about socio-economic and demographic information; reproductive history; folic acid use; prenatal care; smoking, alcohol and street drug use; stress and support; physical and sexual abuse; information received about pregnancy, birth and post-partum issues; interventions during pregnancy, labour and delivery; post-partum health and care; postpartum depression; and infant feeding.

The report is grouped into three chapters covering pregnancy, labour and birth, and the post-partum period. National, provincial and territorial level analyses are reported. Findings by maternal age, maternal education, parity, type of birth and household income level are also presented. This survey joins other similar national and large-scale regional surveys flora the US, England and Scotland, Australia, Sweden, the Russian Federation, Lithuania and Azerbaijan, and contributes to identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement within the Canadian health care system. An accompanying booklet intended for women presents a few highlights flora the results and some of the latest research and recommendations.

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Public Health Agency of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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