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What Latin American youth think.

Businesses must take the lead in solving society's problems even if the principal responsibility corresponds to governments. That is one of the conclusions drawn from a survey of 6,300 youth carried out by the World Economic Forum.


Contribution that business makes to society

Create jobs                                       31.1%
Boost the economy / attract foreign investment    19.2%
Improve livelihoods                               18.5%
Develop human capital                             13.1%
Provide better products / services                 7.6%
Be a role model for the country / industry         5.9%
Pay taxes                                          2.7%
None                                               1.0%
Others                                             0.8%
Total Answers                                     5,052

Sources: Global Shapers Survey, WEF, 2017, Latin Trade

Companies should not be involved in addressing
society's problems

Agree                        12.8%
Neither agree nor disagree   13.4%
Disagree                     73.7%
Total answers                5,051

Services like health care, education, and social
security should be provided by private sector, not
by the government

Agree                        26.2%
Neither agree nor disagree   21.3%
Disagree                     52.5%
Total answers                5,542
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Author:Espitia, Santiago
Publication:Latin Trade
Date:Sep 1, 2017
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