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What John Bolton got right.

I do not admire John Bolton's bullying of his subordinates at the State Department. I do, however, applaud one demand he makes of them. He requires that they--and he stand during meetings. For me, the most maddening aspect of my service in the government was long meetings, meetings that, I must say, seemed to last even longer if anyone from the State Department was involved. I am certain that the act of Sitting down in a comfortable chair set their mental timers not to go off for at least one hour. When the meeting involved an actual Or even a perceived threat to bureaucratic turf, the timers automatically reset for at least two hours. You could count on hearing an endless stream of "as it weres" and "if I mays."
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Title Annotation:Tilting at Windmills
Author:Peters, Charles
Publication:Washington Monthly
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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