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What Is New, Old, & Untold.

   I need to holdfast
   to the past
   a circle without
   or ending

--Carl Leggo (1953-2019)

From "Snippets" CJE, 41(1), p. 79


Once again, this issue of the Canadian Journal of Education (CJE) highlights the diversity and importance of Canadian scholarship. From curricular to socio-cultural, historical to conceptual, the articles shed light on the pressing issues we are called to contemplate at this time in our educational history. Bialystok draws our attention to the current debate and tension surrounding the Ontario Sexual Health and Human Development curriculum. Mayor and Suarez systematically explore the influences that give rise to educational opportunities and gaps across Canada. Kutsyuruba and colleagues examine resilience and well-being in the population of early career teachers. Gibson and Case consider the role of Canadian history education in Reconciliation efforts. Ahn and Leggo reflect on the portrayal of teachers in Hollywood films. We devote this issue to the memory Carl Leggo, a longtime supporter of the CJE and a monumental figure in the Canadian educational research landscape. Collectively, these papers sit alongside those published in previous issues this year as testaments of contemporary scholarship--the new--to represent multiple lines of compelling inquiry within our Canadian landscape.


Since 2015, we have served as Co-Editors (Anglophone) of the CJE. Our journey with the CJE has been shared. We stepped onto a righted, steady ship, thanks to the work of the previous Editor (Anglophone), Dr. Erika Hasebe-Ludt, the longstanding Editor (Francophone) Rollande Deslandes, and the Managing Editor, Katy Ellsworth.

Our first editorial, Looking Forward, embraced the CJE's mission, anticipating the three-year term that we were embarking upon. We planned to honour the journal's history, which situated the journal as Canada's premier forum for the dissemination and discussion of educational research. The Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) is composed of multiple and diverse Associations, each representing unique research interests and, what is more important, distinct ontological and epistemological orientations to educational inquiry. We sought to ensure that the CJE would be inclusive, responsive, and adaptive to the research communities that make the body politic and intellectual of CSSE.

With our editorial team and along with the CSSE Board of Directors and the CJE Editorial Advisory Board, we have sought to represent various questions and responses that researchers pose and propose. It would have been impossible for us to be exclusive. The two of us are very different as researchers. Christopher's research draws on contemporary curriculum theories to examine issues related to classroom assessment and inclusivity in schools. As a past President of the Canadian Educational Research Association (CERA), he has worked with Canadian scholars to consider and cultivate contemporary contexts of schools and supportive environments for teacher professional learning. Theodore's research is rooted in the history and philosophy of education. As a past President of the Canadian Association of Foundations of Education (CAFE), he has worked with scholars across the country and internationally to foster community and develop excellence in scholarship within the educational foundations (inclusive of history, philosophy, and sociology of education). The two of us are drawn to different why, how, and what for questions, but our strength as a team has always come from our differences and from the mutual respect that this difference requires.

Along with the CSSE Board of Directors, our CJE Editorial Advisory Board, the new Francophone Editor Carole Fleuret and Book Review Editors Drs. Samira ElAtia (Francophone) and Kara Smith (Anglophone), we have worked to (a) increase the facility of use with our OJS site, (b) redevelop the homepage and online presence for the journal, (c) increase readership, registered users, and reviewers (particularly Francophone) through targeted campaigns, (d) secure funding for journal operations, (e) establish a constitutional framework to support long-term production of the journal, (f) increase international participation in the journal whilst maintain a strong Canadian perspective, and (g) work closely with the members of CSSE to reflect the memberships interests and vision for the journal.


In the tradition of the dedicated editors and contributors who have shaped CJE, we continue to see the journal as a national forum that curates and promotes inclusive, diverse, and first-rate educational scholarship for a wide readership that ranges from scholars to educational practitioners. We have realized, to varying degrees, our mandate, which entailed:

* Maintaining and expanding the journal's readership and audience within a national and international arena

* Ensuring that the journal continues to represent educational research reflective of the diverse disciplinary and epistemological orientations assumed by Associations and Special Interest Groups that compose the Canadian Society for Study in Education (CSSE)

* Ensuring the fiscal security and management of the journal to ensure long-term stability

* Building on previous efforts to encourage both senior and emerging scholars to publish high-quality research within the journal

* Leveraging current technologies and social media platforms to disseminate journal content to a wide readership

* Developing various modes for targeted dissemination of journal content to specified readers and educational stakeholders (e.g., policy and research briefs, structure abstracts, video commentaries)

* Continuing to enhance the visual identity and online presence (including access) to journal content

Now, with our term completed, we look backwards and forward. We can read future issues with newfound respect and understanding for the community that contributes to each and every piece of the whole. From the moment that an article is conceptualized to the time that it is published, there are many unseen steps (screening, reviewing, revising, copy editing, etc.) that contribute to the production of every issue and volume.

The CJE is an amalgam of the tireless work of many different people. We thank them all even as we look forward to future contributions to the journal. Henceforth, we will be avid and eager readers, rather than editors.
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Author:Christou, Theodore; DeLuca, Christopher
Publication:Canadian Journal of Education
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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