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What I love... and hate; By Richard Fairbrass of pop group Right Said Fred.


Frasier. I've watched every episode at least 50 times and it never stops amazing me. That is, apart from the last series which I thought was getting weak when Niles fell in love with Daphne and they consummated their relationship.

That killed it for me. The tension wasn't there any more. Everything up to that point was staggering.


Any reality show. They've asked me to be on I'm A Celebrity three times.

My dream, if I was going to do that, is to get kicked off after the first day. I'd stay in Australia and soak up some sun. Wife Swap is an interesting idea but it really spoiled it for me that the people who make the programme are absolutely determined to have a vicious row at the end when the couples meet. If you want to watch people being vile to each other, just turn on the House of Commons coverage.


The aggressive, moody posturing of a lot of American rap. Hip-hop started as very street-driven and very fresh. It's just become so corporate. I just get tired of watching these moody Americans glaring at me from posters.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 14, 2006
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