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What Futurists Believe.

WHAT FUTURISTS BELIEVE by Joseph F. Coates and Jennifer Jarratt Lomond Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 98 Mt. Airy MD 21771 U.S.A. - $29.50 US

This book presents systematically the views of 17 unusually thoughtful futurists on important issues, and it analyzes their views in useful ways so that a reader can pick up incisive new insights into the issues under discussion.

The authors, futurists themselves, have contributed their own views of the future which adds to the liveliness of this book. Many people now described as futurists might prefer to call themselves something else - long-range planner, forecaster, social theorist, trend analyst, etc. - but the public cannot get very excited over niceties of word and meaning; the term futurist' is easily understood, and being called one is no longer the worst of fates. Society has come to accept futurists as people worth listening to, not because they have the right answers, but because they do have the right questions - those that concern the serious long-term issues that our society faces.
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Publication:Canadian Manager
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Date:Sep 22, 1989
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