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What Do You Get When You Combine the Play Value of Toy Legends like Frisbee, Yo Yo, and Hacky Sack? MYACHI[TM]!!!

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. -- Move over yo-yo, step aside Hacky Sack. The Myachi[TM] Original Hand Sack is currently the best selling action skill toy and is taking the world by storm.

Catch it, kick it, flip it and stick it; Myachi combines the fluid hand motions of Martial Arts with the full-body coordination of Action Sports. It teaches discipline, respect, self confidence, patience and ultimately, determination.

With Myachi, kids can freestyle by themselves or compete with a group of friends; indoors, outdoors, or anywhere at all. That's the beauty of the game. There's only one catch: you can use any body part you want...except, NO PALMS ALLOWED!!

It is this aspect of the game that makes the Myachi hand sack a revolutionary and cutting-edge product that has the Myachi brand on the fast track to becoming a toy legend in its own right.

Speaking of toy legends, Roger Shiffman, the man who brought Furby and many other toy sensations to the world, has recently teamed up with Myachi Inc. (and Myachi creator, Steven Ochs,) to take the manufacturing, sales and marketing and new product development of the Myachi brand global.

"When I first saw the Myachi in action it was love at first sight. It just has so many layers from the right price point, its collectability and the obvious fact that it gets kids off the couch and active. Adults too!" said Mr. Shiffman.

In the tradition of Beanie Babies, Myachis are sold in a series of 6-12 different styles that are then retired creating a limited edition out of each one sold. There are approximately 36 different Myachi Original Hand Sacks currently available for sale and over 500 different sacks have been manufactured to date. Hundreds of Myachi videos have popped up on YouTube and a secondary market on eBay has already seen classic Myachis sell for $50 to $300 each.

Set for a nationwide roll out at over 100 Toys R Us locations this Christmas, The Myachi Original Hand Sack is catching on.

Here are some ground rules to get started:

1. To begin or resume play, start with a self toss.

2. Remember, NO PALMS ALLOWED, unless to prevent loss or damage. And don't let it hit the ground.

3. Include everyone, as anyone can play.

4. Don't hit or bat at the sack - ABSORB IT.

5. Try tossing it under your leg or behind your back. Try moves like rapid fire and high toss. Try the Slingshot. Catch it on the back of your neck. Try the "no-look". Get creative and invent your own moves.

With a suggested retail price of $6.99 log on to to enter contests, learn and submit new moves and watch video clips.


Zizzle Toys is an innovative marketing-driven toy and entertainment company. Zizzle markets a broad line of hand held electronic games featuring hit licenses, including Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba! and Thomas and Friends. Zizzle also produces the Oppenheim Platinum Award Winning Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup. To learn more about Zizzle, log on to

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Date:Nov 6, 2009
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