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What? Me! Fired? Scary Jo finally gets her marching orders.

Byline: Paddy Shennan

AT last, it's safe to come out from behind the sofa - Jo has finally been given the boot (The Apprentice, BBC2, Wednesday/The Apprentice: You're Fired! BBC3, Wednesday)

It may have been a long time coming - the world's flakiest female had been brought back to the boardroom to face the far-less-scary Sir Alan Sugar four times in six weeks - but let's just celebrate her belated departure.

Those with strong stomachs and strong minds may have switched straight over to see Ms Cameron enjoying the spotlight once more in BBC3's after-sacking show, hosted with great humour by Adrian Chiles (he supports West Brom, so he has to like a laugh).

On the BBC3 panel, reviewing the collection of cock-ups on this week's show, were last year's frightening female contestant - Saira Khan - and motoring correspondent Quentin Willson, who both claimed to be fans of the bubble-haired, bubble-brained Brummie.

Some fans.

"Jo is unique, she's a nutter," was Khan's vote of confidence, while Willson told her: "There were times when you looked like you were on the way to the asylum."

Luckily, Jo was a good sport ("It's water off a duck's back, honestly"). I say "luckily", because Quent had another gem up his sleeve: "When you are trying to get people to do things and you are acting like you are on medication, it doesn't help."

Again, just to remind you - he LIKES her.

Jo's reaction? It wasn't good. Because she laughed. Remember Sybil Fawlty's laugh in Fawlty Towers? Yes, it's worse than that.

So who's going to win? And, more importantly for misery moo Sugar, will ANY of the laughable contenders reveal themselves to be a good, all-round business person with more sense than ego?

Probably not.

Ruth proved she could flog second-hand cars but come on, faced with that "Cathy Bates in the film Misery face" (copyright Adrian Chiles), wouldn't ANYONE buy a used car from her?

Eight people remain - and I'm not sure I'd trust them to organise a jolly good drink in Cains brewery.


I DON'T BELIEVE IT: Jo (also inset) shows the approach to the office that got her sacked
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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