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What's your summer crush quotient? Time for swimming, soaking up rays, sleeping in...and having a sizzling crush! Will your summer squeeze be so-so...or a no-go? Grab a pencil, and see how hot your summer crush is going to get!

1 You and Mom are watching. your little bro's soccer game when you spot your. crush shooting hoops near the field. You...

A. tell Mom, "See ya later," and plop down next to the courts to watch some b-ball. B. wave him over to talk hoops when he takes a water break. C. make a quick dash for the concessions stand and hide--you definitely do not want him to see you hanging out with your mom! D. figure you can say "hey" after the game--right now you're totally into the pee-wee soccer action!

2 You're checking the surf report on the Web when your buddy list blinks--your crush just signed on! How do you react when he IMs you a friendly "Whassup?"

A. Click back, "Hey, QT!" and forget about the waves while you chat with him for an hour. B. Ask for his advice: Should you wear your pink bikini top with your blue board shorts? C. Strike up a brief IM convo--it's so much easier than face-to-face! D. Ignore the message. With 10 surf reports to check out, you have zero time for IMing.

3 Every Saturday morning, the hottie across the street mows his lawn. Every Saturday morning, you...

A. put on your cutest outfit and prance across the street with a fresh glass of icecold lemonade. B. wave and say "hi" when you pass his house on your jog. C. pour a bowl of Fruit Loops and park by your front window to watch him, prepared to duck behind the curtain if he spots you. D. stuff a pillow over your head to drown out the mower. Hello--Saturday mornings are for sleeping.

4 When your crush says he'll give you a call sometime this weekend, you...

A. camp out by the phone and flip if anyone in your family tries to make a call.

B. keep your plans to spend the night at your best friend's house but leave a note for your fam to be sure to take a message if he calls. C. spend Friday afternoon writing your script for when he dials your digits--but freak when he actually does and blurt, "my-sister-needs-the-phone-gotta-go-bye!" D. head across town to spend the weekend at your grandparents' house.

5 You're throwing a b-day party for your BFF. How do you invite your crush?

A. Send him an invite sealed with a heart-shaped sticker and spritzed with perfume. B. You don't have to ask him--he knows he's invited. But you do ask him to bring a 2-liter of soda. C. Invite a few of his closest friends--if they come, he's sure to come, too. D. Same way you invite everyone else--by handing him one of the neon flyers you made.

6 Your English teacher assigns partners for the big end-of-year project, and you get your BFF. Yay! But your crush gets stuck with Derek, the notorious slacker. You...

A. corner Derek after class and bribe him to trade partners with you. Your BFF will likely kill you when she finds out, but it's a risk you're willing to take. B. catch up with your crush after class to tell him you're sorry for his bad luck and offer to help him with the project. C. just happen to be studying at a nearby table after finding out your crush and Derek are meeting in the library to discuss their project. D. are so stoked you got paired with your BEE that you don't even pay attention to the other match-ups.

7 You and a bud are in a long line at the Gap, your arms loaded to the max--killer clearance rack today! You spot your crush walk by in the mall. You...

A. drop your clothes and dash out the door to catch him--those tank tops will have to wait. B. keep an eye out for him when you pass the food court--you know that's his chill spot. C. hand your clothes to your bud and peek out the front of the store to see where he's headed. Maybe you can "accidentally" run into him later. D. suddenly notice the belts on display by the register. They're not on sale, but they're way cute.

8 Kelly, the 4-year-old you baby-sit, insists on watching her favorite Wiggles vid for the zillionth time. To keep your sanity, you...

A. write your first name with his last name in calligraphy on the TV Guide cover. B. jot a to-do-later list, which includes picking up a card, since your crush's birthday is next week. C. write a poem about your crush's intoxicating chocolatey eyes (you'll flush it when you get home). D. borrow Kelly's blue sparkie nail polish and give yourself a manicure.

9 At summer camp, you and a friend are in line to go horseback riding when you spot your crush in the archery line. You...

A. give your friend whiplash when you grab her arm and drag her toward the bows and arrows. B. tease your crush for choosing to shoot a stick at a target rather than ride horses. C. breathe a sigh of relief Now he won't see you bouncing around in a saddle wearing that silly helmet. D. have deep thoughts about what color horse you want to ride.

10 A boy asked your BFF to go to the amusement park. She's freaking out about going alone with him and wants you to ask your crush so the four of you can do the group date thing. What do you tell her?

A. Nothing. You grab the phone and dial your crush's digits. B. "Yeah, that'd be fun! I'll bring it up next time I see him." C. "Only if you get your guy to find out what my crush would say if I asked him--not that I'm saying I will." D. "Why don't we get a big group to go like we did last summer?"


Mostly A's


Wow...the love bug took a big ol' bite out of you. You really dig this guy--great! But you'd be wise to find out if he returns your interest before you get totally ga-ga. Jot him a casual note to see how he responds. Ask your buds what they think- friends are great at picking up clues we sometimes miss. And don't get so caught up crushing that you forget about more important things, like your friends and family...and yourself. No crush is worth changing who you are or compromising existing friendships.

Mostly B's


You definitely have some interest in this dude, but it hasn't quite shifted from the friendship zone to a crush connection (not yet anyway). And that's totally OK! A solid friendship can be the best beginning to a beautiful crush. Maybe you could put forth a little extra attention to drop the hint that you're diggin' him. Just don't go overboard, or you might make the friendship awkward. For the most part, keep being a good friend and see what develops; Even if you don't become BF/GF, you'll have a great guy pal--either way, you can't lose!

Mostly C's


You really like this guy--or so you think. You're so spazzed that you haven't gotten a chance to get to know him. Spying and daydreaming won't get you anywhere but frustrated! You're a cool girl, so conjure up some confidence and just be yourself. Find common ground, and strike up a convo. Or get some buds together for a BBQ. Hanging in a group nixes the pressure of being alone with him. Once you get to know him, you might find out you don't really like him like that--or maybe you'll really hit it off! Who knows?

Mostly D's


Maybe you think this guy's real cutie or super-duper nice, but you don't necessarily like him that way. Hey, nothin' wrong with that! Girls enter crush territory at different stages. Just 'cause all your buds are boy-crazy these days doesn't mean you to be. Don't worry about forcing a crush or finding a boyfriend--just have fun hanging out with guys as pals. The boys Will appreciate your loyal friendship and you can relax and have tons of fun this summer--without any worries about trying to impress the opposite sex.
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