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What's up with all the fat?

COUNTRYSIDE: The people who write in sometimes just amaze me. I read an article in the Jan/Feb 04 issue on homemaking tips (page 88). I thought I knew about making lard, but the different terms confused me. What's the difference between beef suet and beef fat? "Bacon hog" versus a hog, and "leaf fat" versus fat?

I live in North Carolina where I am a plumber and ceramic tile setter. If anyone needs any advice, I'll give my opinion.--Mark Smith; Sleep

"Leaf fat" is made from the internal fat of the abdomen of the hog, except that adhering to the intestines. "Bacon hog" refers to the longer, leaner meat breeds as opposed to "lard type" hogs, which are pretty much non-existent now. These days the most popular breeds for meat are the Duroc, Hampshire and Yorkshire.

Suet is the fatty tissue around the loins and kidneys of an animal to be used for food and specifically applies to beef fat.
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Author:Smith, Mark
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Date:May 1, 2004
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