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What's up, docs? TVChoice.

Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinics (Channel 4, 8pm) THERE are two things to consider, as you settle down to watch Dr Christian Jessen and co treat their latest batch of patients.

Firstly, be thankful it is aired a suitable length of time away from mealtimes.

Secondly, and more importantly, you will never get your head around why these people, so embarrassed by their ailments, are so willing to air their dirty medical laundry and often ghastly misfortunes in front of millions of viewers. The mind truly boggles.

However, thanks to Christian and fellow doctors Pixie McKenna and Dawn Harper, there are a lot more questions answered than unanswered. In fact the show is something of a phenomenon.

Christian, who still works parttime as a doctor, admits he is recognised a lot these days. He said: "Embarrassing Bodies is such a cult show now. I have a rather odd face that seems to be very recognisable - even under a baseball cap, and sunglasses don't work very well. But it's great. I mean, it has its ups and downs.

"You're in a bar with friends, and someone comes up and keeps asking you medical questions. "But I've had such nice responses from people. Who wouldn't like that?" The programme first assaulted our senses back in 2007 and has since looked into all manner of embarrassing illnesses, from haemorrhoids to halitosis, to genital problems. It has provided a noholds-barred look at sexual health and the repercussions of what can happen if you're not careful in the bedroom.

And it would seem there's something that comes as part and parcel with the job - saucy fan mail. Christian says: "Women of a certain age like to send me photos of their bits and say, 'Nothing embarrassing about these, is there, doctor?' " We're dropping by the clinic for the final time tonight, where the docs will be joined by a bariatric specialist to get the lowdown on weight and obesity issues.

While the doctors can never argue that they have any two days the same at the office, we'll hold our hands up and admit they're bigger people than us.

After all, we can look away if we don't like the look of something - they have to persevere.

But the country is a better place because of them.

We salute you, docs.


Weighty issue: Tonight, doctors Dawn Harper, Christian Jessen and Pixie McKenna tackle the delicate subject of obesity in Embarrassing Bodies.
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Date:Jun 29, 2011
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