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What's under the seat?



Snug Filler Plug

Operation at the worksite causes vehicle vibration. Vibration loosens the plug in the transmission's oil filler tube. Once loosened, the plug can fall off. A missing plug means that sand, dust and water can get into the dozer's transmission.

So before the day's run, make sure the plug is snug. Never stuff a rag or anything else in the filler tube if the plug is missing. Instead, have your mechanic replace the plug with NSN 4730-01-249-8409. It's shown as Item 7 in Fig 82 of TM 5-2410-237-24P.


Breather Valve Reminder

A plugged breather valve will KO the dozer's transmission. It usually gets overlooked because of its location under the operator's seat. Two things happen when the valve gets clogged:

* Pressure builds in the transmission and causes seals to blow. When the seals go, lube goes, too. No lube means added friction and gear damage.

* Pressure build-up also creates a vacuum in the transmission. That causes the transmission to stall or lock up. Then you can't move!

So keep the breather valve clean. It's simple to do. Just tap on the valve with your finger to loosen any dirt stuck inside. If the valve won't go down or come back up, have your mechanic replace the valve, NSN 2520-01-164-0077. It's shown as Item 9 in Fig 83 of TM 5-2410-237-24P.

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