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What's the toy of the Millennium?; PLAY ALONG AND TELL US YOUR No1.

THE race was on yesterday to find THE toy of the millennium.

Industry experts drew up a short list of 12 - ranging from the evergreen Teddy Bear to younger upstarts the Beanies.

Britain's toy retailers will announce the winner in January after fans have voted via the Internet. But YOU can tell us NOW. Just dial the number - calls cost 10p - alongside your pick.

That's the easy bit. Choosing your favourite could be trickier.

Games lovers will be torn between Mastermind, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble. Then there's Action Man, Barbie, Lego, Hula Hoop, Rubik's Cube and the Yo-Yo - first a hit in 1930 and again a best-seller last year.

This year's Christmas hot tip - fighting monster Pokemon - hasn't made the short list.

Retailers' spokesman Gerry Masters said: "Despite all the hi-tech toys available, kids still love traditional ones.

"Personally, I'd love to see the Teddy Bear win.

"TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Ever serious seller

090156 38278

TEDDY BEAR: Hugged since 1905

090156 38274

LEGO: Winner since the 50s

090156 38273

BARBIE: No signs of age

090156 38272

SCRABBLE: Wordy Top 12 contender

090156 38277

HULA HOOP: 1950s craze

090156 38280

MASTERMIND: 70s TV spin-off

090156 38275

BEANIES: Toy of Year, 1993

090156 38279

MONOPOLY: Property game

090156 38276

ACTION MAN: First a hit in 1965

090156 38271

RUBIK'S CUBE: Brain tester

090156 38281

YO-YO: Has spun back to new stardom

090156 38282
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Author:Harrison, Tracey
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 22, 1999
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