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What's the success rate?

It's around this time where we traditionally reflect upon the previous year.Did we have fun?Did we have troubles?What has changed?Was it successful? In what way?I think it's incredibly important to do this, if we do not look back and evaluate we can get caught making the same mistakes over and over again.I see this so often in the gym. People pounding away, day after day on the treadmill, they don't seem to get anywhere, not just because of the belt of the treadmill, but in terms of their goals!I often emphasise not to display patience when it comes to reaching fitness goals, but at the same time, if you're getting closer to your target then you aren't being patient. You're kidding yourself.At the beginning of the year I set a bunch of strength goals, I wanted to become strong, so strong that every person I would talk to would know it, not by asking, they'd just smell strength oozing out of me.Anyway, by April I was very close to them, and had even met one or two. But this is when reflection and evaluation was key, I had gotten fat! This meant that I'd moved further away from some of my other goals, such as getting clearly visible abs.I had to stop and take a step back. What was good? What went wrong? How can I now improve?Think back to your New Year's resolutions that you had made last year. Did you reach them? If not don't give up! Just think what went wrong? How can I improve?Since April I have been increasing my strength at a much more steady rate and now have met ALL of my strength goals, whilst dropping 12kg in total and have pretty visible abs (in the right light, ha ha). I was able to do this firstly through setting goals, and then from reflection and evaluation. You can do it too, with all of your goals!

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Publication:Gulf Weekly
Date:Dec 25, 2013
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