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What's the next big thing?


Whatever area of plastics you're in, if there's a technical breakthrough out there waiting for you to discover it, the logical place to look is among the more than 3000 exhibitors from 50 countries at the biggest plastics show in the world. Our editors chased down dozens of major exhibitors to get you an advance look at the new machinery and materials introductions at the show that will interest North American processors.


* Electric machine prices match hydraulics.

* Induction barrel heating uses 70% less energy.

* Multi-processes combine injection, extrusion, compounding, and RIM.

* Insert molding RFID tags. Metalize parts in the mold.


* Rev up outputs with super-high rpm.

* Giant cast-film extruder pumps out 11,000 lb/hr.

* Extrude undried PET at 6000 lb/hr.

* Dual air rings now handle a range of products.

* Quick entry into wood composites.


* Compression mold PET preforms.

* Larger all-electric shuttles.

* Hybrid extrusion blow machines.

* All-electric injection-blow presses.


* Heat sheet 30% to 66% faster.

* Largest tilt-mold former.

* All-in-one system extrudes, forms, trims, rim-rolls, counts, stacks, bags, and boxes.


* Pultrude PUR window frames.

* Control throughputs at 5 g/sec.

* MDI prepolymers 'tamed' for cast elastomers.

* PUR RIM and thermoplastic injection team up.


* Four motors boost output 2.5 times.

* High-speed mixing of nano-fillers.

* Mix PVC 40% faster.

* Two screws not enough? Try 12 or 14.


* Polyesters, TPEs from corn.

* Plastic/aluminum hybrid debuts.

* Selective nano-plating adds strength.

* Online-paintable nylon for cars.

* TPU is crosslinkable.

* Tough, high-heat polyphenylsulfone.
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Title Annotation:K 2007 Show Preview
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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