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What's the buzz on anatomic pathology? Digital gross image standardization.

Over the last several years, we have witnessed a progression in gross image capture from simple images of either interesting and unusual cases to a true "chain of custody" principle for the entire grossing process. Standardization and documentation, using high resolution images with annotation, measurement, audio and video enhancements is quickly becoming commonplace in many of today's grossing labs. The ability to integrate gross digital imaging systems with either a PACS system or directly with the LIS provides for a seamless capture and transfer of data for management and reporting activities. We see concepts like telepathology, radiology-pathology convergence, and diagnostic EMRs as future technologies driving the digital gross image to become an imperative in the future. Continued advancements in both still and motion digital-image capture, along with higher speed computer processing and miniaturization will offer new options for portability and true mobility of this evolving tool. Ultimately, this technology will contribute to a comprehensive report that patients can view and understand as a key component for making informed decisions about the treatment of their disease or health status.


Dave Sanford

General Manager Milestone U.S.

Maker of MacroPATH D

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Author:Sanford, Dave
Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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