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What's the Web?; WOODY ON THE NET.

WHAT is the Internet and the Worldwide Web that we keep hearing about?

Are they the same thing? And what's the difference between an e-mail address and a Web address or website?

Well, the Internet is a worldwide network of interconnected computers.

It was first developed as an alternative military communications system for times of war, so that an enemy would have no central target to knock out.

If one computer goes down messages will find another way of getting to their destination. This network was quickly used by university boffins to swap data and use each other's library resources.

Gradually as it became more sophisticated and able to handle picture, sound or video material, individuals and businesses grew interested in it as a way of finding information and communicating with each other. Or for entertainment.

A Website address is where individuals or firms set up electronic pages and other computer users can find information.

E-mail addresses are for receiving and sending electronic letters.

The Web is the pretty bit that's nice to look at. The Internet is the term for the whole system.


MANY people get confused between a computer's operating memory (RAM) and storage memory. That's often because both are commonly measured in megabytes. A computer needs sufficient RAM (Random Access Memory) to process data. It needs hard disk memory to store programmes and data. Not all computers take the same RAM microchips. They come in different forms, sizes and speeds. So make sure you buy the right sort for your computer. If in any doubt, ask advice before you buy!


IF you have access to the Internet e-mail me at: I will try to answer your questions and discuss problems or views you have in future columns...
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Author:Woodyatt, Adam
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 8, 1998
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