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What's selling.

CARTER'S COUNTRY 6231 Treschwig Spring, TX 77373

SI: Bill, what's selling right now at Carter's Country?

BC: Dove hunting supplies and home and self protection.

SI: What are people buying for self protection in Houston?

BC: We have the problem here with the early release and halfway houses in Houston where they let felons out of the prison early and then ship them to Houston. There's been a lot of crime and a lot of elderly people robbed and assaulted and so forth. There's just been a general increase in self-defense type handguns and the riot type shotguns.

SI: What's the handgun they're buying?

BC: They're buying a lot of Smith & Wessons. Going for a lot of quality, because these are elderly people and it's the brand familiarization with them, the brand recognition.

SI: What's popular in the way of a home defense shotgun?

BC: The Winchester Defender, probably number one, due to the brand name or model name. Defender just kind of fits the situation. And also there's been some good sales in the new Remington Express riot gun or police gun. We try to make a complete program out of it, where we give them a video. A ladies' training and safety video that's been specially produced by some of the manufacturers. (A Woman's Guide to Firearms which is a Bianchi tape.)

SI: Have you been running any specials to coordinate this program?

BC: We've been advertising this program in the newspaper, and we start on the radio next week. The theme is-no sales pressure. Get the information you need, pick up your safety tips. Be safe, be responsible if you're going to be a gun owner.

SI: Okay. How do you think this Fall's going to shape up compared to last year?

BC: Very good for us. The Houston economy is coming back, and we have plenty of doves. That's got people excited.

About the Dealer . . .

Carter's Country is a four-store operation located in and around Houston, Texas. The stores vary in size from 8,500 to 12,000 square-feet. They sell only guns, ammo, hunting and shooting equipment and some outdoor clothing. Each store displays approximately 250 guns. A central warehouse maintains an inventory that varies from 2.5 to 4.5 million to supply the stores. In business since 1962 Bill Carter Sr. believes that the future of the firearms industry lies in introducing youngsters to the shooting sports.

BELLEPLAIN SUPPLY COMPANY Box 222, Hands Mill Road Belleplain, NJ 08270

SI: Nick, what's selling at Belleplain?

NG: Well, plenty of ammunition and over and under shotguns of all makes and models, mostly Brownings.

SI: Why are Brownings selling?

NG: We've just opened our own sporting clay range, and we've got a lot of activity and a lot of people enthused. So naturally, everybody's buying shotgun shells and sporting clay and standard field grade over and unders to go shoot sporting clays to start the season out.

SI: And what's the most popular shotgun they're buying for sporting clays?

NG: Still the Brownings. There are three selections the GTI, Special Sporting, or Lightning Sporting, either one of the three. And a few Berettas, a couple Weatherbys now and the, but Browning is still the top seller.

SI: Have you noticed any specials from any of the distributors or manufacturers?

NG: Weatherby's got a little incentive deal out. If you buy any new Weatherby guns for the next month, you get $100 worth of free merchandise type of thing through your dealer. Remington's got a program out, you buy an 11-87, you get some free steel shot, like a couple boxes of steel shot with each gun. Winchester's got a promo out on steel shot. You buy steel shot and you can send in and get a poster and a goose map of the country, where the best goose hunting areas are. The Swarovski scope deal we've been real successful with that last year and it's been very good this year so far. You know, if you buy any kind of Swarovski optics, they give you a $500 gift certificate to go on a game hunt out at a game ranch in Colorado. That's been very successful. We've done a lot with that.

SI: What about handguns, is anything moving there?

NG: The 10mms are coming around pretty good. The 9MMs are still the best sellers, the Browning Hi-Powers, the Glocks.

SI: Any interest in the upcoming Colt A-2000?

NG: Not a real lot that I've seen. I have a couple guys asking about it. It's kind of like the Anaconda by Colt.

About the Dealer . . .

Located in a small town in southern New Jersey, Belleplain Supply Company is a gun shop and sporting goods store. The 4,000 square-foot store stocks about $400,000 worth of inventory. Owner Nick Germanio attributes much of the success of the store to the nearby hunting preserve which he also operates, the 1,200-acre Belleplain Farms Shooting Preserve.

FORT THOMPSON SPORTING GOODS 404 East Broadway North Little Rock, AR 72117

SI: Tom, what's selling at Fort Thompson these days?

TD: Hey, we finally made it. Dove season is starting Saturday so we're selling a bunch of dove shells.

SI: Well, good. Are you selling anything in the way of dove guns?

TD: We're selling a few shotguns, over and unders. I ran a little ad in the paper, how you get free four boxes of shells with it, and we sold four or five of those already this week.

SI: Well what was the hot shotgun you were selling?

TD: We're selling the Browning Citori. We're selling the 12 gauge with 26-inch barrel and Inventor chokes.

SI: Have you noticed if you're getting any good deals on any particular guns from any of the distributors or any of the manufacturers?

TD: I guess the one thing that sticks in my mind, we don't sell a lot of AR-15s, it's not really our bag, but we've sold about five this month. Because of the rebate Colt's had on them.

About the Dealer . . .

Fort Thompson is an institution in Arkansas. Arkansas outdoorsmen have been purchasing their firearms and ammunition from the sporting goods store since 1931. During hunting season C. B. Thompson can often be found in the store telling hunting stories and working behind the counter even though he sold if to a family friend, Tom Denniston, in 1985. The store was remodeled five years ago and has 4,000 square-feet of retail space.

ENCITAS GUNS 458 First Street Encinitas, CA 92024

SI: What's selling at Encinitas Guns?

DP: Business has been a little bit spotty. I'm selling some high class guns, like the Wildey. The Beretta 92 F is still the most popular 9mm I'm selling. And then I'm selling a lot of the Ruger .22s and the Taurus guns. The economy is still, in my opinion, somewhat soft. I do more business in the fall and winter months than I do in the summer months.

SI: Have you seen any trends that this may be a better Fall than what you had last year?

DP: No, not better than last year. 1988-89 was a real good booming year. I don't think we'll see anything like that, from what I hear, probably until 1992 or so. Of course, the practical pistol shooting is always strong, and its stays consistent in my business all the time.

SI: Have you noticed any good deals from any of the distributors or manufacturers?

DP: I think I'm getting a lot of flyers from all the manufacturing world, the distributors. The Colt rep was telling me they're going to bring some new stuff out. That'll stimulate the market. Anytime you get some new products from a major manufacturer I think it's going to stimulate things.

About the Dealer . . .

Doc Payne has owned and operated Encinitas Guns for over seven years. The store is about 1,000 square-feet with a main inventory of 75-80 handguns and 40-50 shotguns and rifles. He is a custom pistolsmith and his main business is building handguns for self-defense and practical shooting competition.

SODAK SPORT AND BAIT 850 South Highway Aberdeen, SD 57401

SI: What's selling right now at Sodak?

LM: Right now we've been getting heavy sales on shotguns, quite a few highpower rifles, occasional .22s. A lot of reloading equipment. Well, reloading equipment and components. Here on Monday it was absolutely wild. We sold over 100 bags of shot.

SI: Why was that?

LM: I suppose people getting ready for dove hunting. I suppose some of it's going for trap shooting and that stuff. The other item that's going real well and surprises me, this early, is decoys.

SI: What's the shotgun that people seem to be most interested in right now?

LM: We're moving a fair amount of the Brownings BPS 10 and 12-gauge. We've had Fair results with the Remington, now that they've brought the express out in 20-gauge. We've had real good movement on the Ladies and Youth's 20-gauge in the Winchester.

SI: Now why do you think there's such a surge in 20-gauge right now?

LM: I suppose it's the fact that we've got quite a few youngsters coming up. The hunting in this area is much more encouraging than what it's been the last couple years. So all in all, it looks to me to be shaping up to be a pretty good season. Then, the fact that we're in the new building, I think, is creating a lot of attention. We normally don't see $3,000 and $4,000 days in August, but we've had three of them in a row now.

About the Dealer . . .

Sodak Sport and Bait, after 18 years in business, has recently moved into a new 5,000 square-feet building. They maintain an inventory of 1,800 firearms and carry a full line of ammunition, hunting apparel, reloading equipment and supplies. In addition to firearms related merchandise they have an archery line as well as fishing tackle and equipment. They offer complete gunsmithing services on the premises. It is a family owned business and we talked to the owner, Lowell McIntire.
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