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What's on this week.

TVQuiz THINK YOU KNOW YOUR TELLY? 1 Which enemy of Supergran had henchmen called Muscles and Dustin? 2 Denise, Barbara, Jim and Antony are members of which TV tribe? 3 What job was BBC's Manchester-based drama Sorted centred on? 4 Which Hollyoaks couple shared a wedding with Frankie and Jack Osborne? 5 Who shared with us his Kind Of People? 6 What was the nickname of real-life dance troupe manager Margaret Kelly, played by Carolyn Pickles? 7 Who worked with the Angels as Charlie's faithful assistant? 8 Irma and Trevor were the children of which Corrie couple? 9 What was the title of Dom Joly's hiddencamera show? 10Who said the final words on the lastever regular edition of Top Of The Pops in 2006? 11Which programme encouraged viewers to "Switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead"? 12Emmerdale's sweet factory is called...? 13Neil Dudgeon and Caroline Quentin play a recently married couple in which sitcom? 14What was the name of the royal bird in Noggin The Nog? fort was 15which owned by the Byegones, Queen Ethelbruda and King Woebegone? 16On which student-led cookery show would you have heard "Now we'll do some cooking, but first we'll wash our hands!"? 17What kind of building did ex-New York lawyer Ed purchase? 18What was the name of the Miller family's massive mutt in EastEnders? 19From which fictional fire station did the Blue Watch of London's Burning operate? 20Which Wacky Races duo travelled in the Mean Machine ? 21Which Home & Away character has children called Finlay and Damian? 22Who was banned from appearing live on Channel 4 following his foul language on TFI Friday? 23Who portrayed Ron Craven's murdered daughter in Edge Of Darkness? 24Which comedy duo created Charley Farley and Piggy Malone? 25The Tweenies have dogs named...? 26Which drama series starred Leslie Ash as a policewoman working in the town of Widnes? 27Which newsreader asked the questions on Masterteam? 28In The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, what extra appendages did Zaphod Beeblebrox have? 29Anne Baxter turned out to be a member of which Neighbours clan? 30Matthew Kelly took over Stars In Their Eyes from which presenter? answers 201 The Scunner Campbell 2 The Royle Family 3 Postman 4 Jake and Becca Dean 5 Michael Barrymore 6 Miss Bluebell 7 John Bosley 8 Stan and Hilda Ogden 9 Trigger Happy TV 10 Sir Jimmy Savile 11 Why Don't You 12 Sharma & Sharma 13 Life Of Riley 14 Graculus 15 Cloppa Castle 16 Get Stuffed 17 A bowling alley 18 Genghis 19 Blackwall 20 Dick Dastardly and Muttley 21 Irene Roberts 22 Shaun Ryder 23 Joanne Whalley 24 The Two Ronnies 25 Doodles and Izzles 26 Merseybeat 27 Angela Rippon 28 An extra arm and a second head 29 The Timmins family 30 Leslie Crowther What I love... and hate By historian Dan Cruickshank, who presents The Country House Revealed on BBC2 TV: I don't watch a huge amount I'm sorry to say. Rather predictably I like documentaries, particularly history programmes. I don't watch that much drama I'm afraid. Things that I don't do myself I treat as escapism, so obviously natural history is a must - David Attenborough's shows for example. And cooking always intrigues me. I can't think of anything I don't like. FILM: A rather strange film I saw the other day was called Biutiful, which is about death and it stars Javier Bardem. The title is based on a child's misspelling. It was very grim and most people might not like it, but I made a programme a couple of years ago about the art of dying, and I found this film rather interesting and really moving actually, if indeed very grim. It's set in the rather sordid context of a criminalised Barcelona and the story is fairly universal: how one faces the fate that awaits all of us.

That was a rather wonderful film in a way. I'm not a fan of comedies or period dramas. I veer towards the gloomy side of life.

MUSIC: I'm a Handel fan, and I love Baroque music. It does soothe my breast somewhat. I don't mind some contemporary music, but I prefer the 18th century.

WILL FERRELL: YOU'RE WELCOME... SUNDAY, SKY ATLANTIC, 9pm Dubya's double There you are, flicking through the channels and sighing with boredom, almost ready to read a book, and you stumble on a programme that looks vaguely interesting. You decide to watch for a minute or two... .

And an hour later, you're texting everybody you know telling them your life has changed for ever and that their own existence is an empty and lifeless husk by comparison.

That happened to this particular critic a few months ago when I had the life-changing pleasure of watching this utterly brilliant masterpiece from Will Ferrell (pictured). And I am genuinely excited for you that it's being repeated.

In it, Will Ferrell catches former US president George W Bush in his crosshairs and pulls the trigger - utterly eviscerating the-then world's most powerful idiot.

today In a TV version of his limited-run Broadway show, this snappily titled special sees the comedian and Hollywood actor inhabit one of his favourite political characters from Saturday Night Live. Yep, Bush Jr.

Swinging from the subversive to the giddily silly, an uncanny Ferrell gives a tongue-in-cheek insight into the different milestones of the former world leader's life, including his childhood, his time at Yale, his stint as a major-league baseball team co-owner, his emergence as a political player and his career in and, of course, out of the White House.

sport the Best oF the WeeK's action live scottish cup Final SAT SS2, 2.30pm Motherwell lock horns with Celtic in this showpiece occasion at Hampden Park, as the domestic season reaches its conclusion with the teams' second meeting in six days, having faced each other on the final day of the SPL campaign.

Well are looking to succeed last season's cup-winners Dundee United by earning their first triumph since they defeated United 4-3 in a thrilling 1991 Final. Their run to the concluding stage of the competition has seen them overcome Dundee, Stranraer, the holders and St Johnstone, with the goals scored by John Sutton (pictured), the younger brother of former Celtic striker Chris Sutton, a major factor in their success.

Since their opponents' most recent triumph in this Cup competition, they have led successful campaigns on five occasions, the last of which was a 1-0 win over Dunfermline Athletic in 2007, and the are aiming to extend their record to 35 victories. The Bhoys overcame Berwick Rangers, Rangers, Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Aberdeen on the road to Hampden and will be confident of lifting the trophy for a sixth time.

However, Motherwell boss Stuart McCall, who won this trophy three times as a player with Rangers, will be desperate to manage his underdogs to a famous victory.

F1: THE SPANISH GRAND PRIX LIVE SUNDAY, BBC1, 12.10pm Jake Humphrey is joined by Eddie Jordan at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona for the fifth race of the season.

Mark Webber (right) started last year's race in pole position and never looked like losing his advantage. The Australian became the 10th successive driver to win this race from the front of the grid, with Ferrari's Fernando Alonso in second and Webber's Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel in third.

Elsewhere, it was a race to forget for McLaren's Lewis Hamilton as he finished out of the points following a puncture.

live nations cup FootBall WED, SS1, 7.30pm Wales entertain Scotland in the concluding match of the second round of fixtures.

Craig Levein's men were impressive 3-0 victors against Northern Ireland, with Kenny Miller, James McArthur and Kris Commons scoring the goals in a match that has given them cause to be optimistic.

In contrast, the Welsh suffered a disappointing 3-0 defeat at the hands of Republic of Ireland and, having since lost 2-0 to England in a Euro 2012 qualifier, will be determined to boost morale with a much more convincing display.

Star winger Gareth Bale was absent from those defeats and may miss out again due to injury, meaning manager Gary Speed will be trusting Aaron Ramsey and Craig Bellamy to put in strong performances.

However, Scotland's Miller and Commons will be hoping to be among the goals once again.

golF THURSDAY, SS2 day of the sees the opening today one of the most prestigious pga championship, in Surrey.

tour's european held at Wentworth events, held the lead at the Willett last year Danny par end of this round a fine six-under-green of 65, with richard following and shock behind round simon one stroke off champion eventual strokes Khan seven as a the pace.

rugBY SUNDAY, SS1 Leinster face Northampton Saints at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in Rugby Union's European Cup Final.

Both teams are aiming to win the trophy for the second time and the Saints need to record their first victory over Leinster to do so, having lost both their meetings to date.

DocumentarY oF the WeeK Screening patients Diagnosis live From the clinic WEDNESDAY, CHANNEL 4, 8pm These days, going to see the doctor can be a pretty testing, exasperating experience.

Your chances of seeing the same doctor twice are remote, you'll probably be feeling better by the time they can squeeze you in, and the terrifying harridans on the reception desk are likely to turn you away if you're halfa-minute late.

And when you do get to see the doc, they tell you it's a virus or stress and prescribe painkillers and weight loss.

So now, Channel 4 is out to do something that the Government has yet to consider, and speed up the process. Yes, you guessed it from the title, they're going truly interactive for a new live series from the team that gave us Embarrassing Bodies - doctors Christian Jessen, Dawn Harper and Pixie McKenna.

This extraordinary new show will use video calling to offer the public appointments with the medics and guest specialists during the live broadcast.

The doctors will be arming the caller - and the viewer - with practical advice and information on what treatments and services are available to them both on the NHS and privately. Channel 4's Commissioning Editor (Features), Kate Teckman, is clearly excited at the use of technology and the prospect it offers.

She said: "Imagine being able to get an appointment with one of our doctors as the programme is live on air. This is a truly innovative Public Service Broadcasting commission that will take us into the future of health-related programming."

Medical practitioners are already using video calling to consult with patients, so this new series will show how medicine may be practised in the future.

Consultations will take place in a studio designed exclusively for the programme. Dominating the studio will be a large video screen enabling the doctors to interact with the caller about their symptoms while live on air.

Is anybody else hoping they get a call from a wrong number? PAY-PER-VIEW MOVIES London BouLevard Now he's on the relatively straight and narrow, Colin Farrell is quietly carving out the career he had originally intended, as a quality leading man. He's terrific here, alongside a top drawer cast. Just out of jail, reformed gangster Mitchel takes a job guarding media-shy actress Charlotte. His dreams of going straight are threatened, however, by psychotic gangster Rob Gant.

TangLed In Disney's dazzling animated twist on Rapunzel, the princess with the magical long, blonde hair is imprisoned by a villainess. Can dashing rogue Flynn come to her rescue? If you think you know the story, just remember that animated movies have come a long way since Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. This is naughty, funny and very, very good.

Love and oTher drugs Pharmaceutical salesman Jake Gyllenhaal reconsiders his womanising ways after he falls for free-spirited patient Anne Hathaway. But when he discovers she is hiding a health problem, he has to embrace a new maturity and outlook on life. Odd, rather disjointed romance that benefits from some good performances. The King's speech Apparently, this film is going to do rather well. If you haven't heard, it's the biggest thing to happen to cinema since popcorn. With his brother set to abdicate from the throne, Prince Albert, Duke of York, turns to Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue to help him cure his stammer. Colin Firth is on Oscar-winning form. neds In 1970s Glasgow, a young schoolboy's bright future slips away as he is lured into a violent street gang. Riveting drama from the director of The Magdalene Sisters. BarneY's version A hard-drinking, worldweary TV producer is prompted to look back on his eventful life when he learns a rival is planning to write a tell-all book. Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman and Minnie Driver put in good turns.

Chilling chapter Murderous mastermind Jigsaw continues to influence the ghastly goings-on from beyond the grave saw Vi FRIDAY, SKY MOVIES PREMIERE, 10pm MOVIE OF THE WEEK It's only a matter of time until every single surreal vision that could possibly enter the collective heads of sick scriptwriters finds its way on to the screen.

As the comic Bill Bailey says, by the time Saw VIII comes out, somebody will be waking up superglued to a wolf. And that ill-fated one will only be able to effect an escape by making a large poking device from their own sawn-off fingers to jab at their mobile, and call up their cousin for some solvent.

In terms of coming up with inventive ways to bump people off, the franchise could even give Midsomer Murders a run for its money.

Still, the mould was set with the magnificent original, which came up with more nightmarish scenarios than you could shake a hacksaw or wield a cleaver at.

The trouble is that by the time you've penned a few sequels and come up with ever more outlandish means of killing people, you've rather painted yourself into a corner. How do you come up with something new and challenging while still satisfying the oddballs who want to see those over the top means of murder? That was the dilemma facing moviemakers by the time of Saw VI, but by tweaking the formula ever so slightly, horror's biggest and best franchise is back on top.

The best Saw since the initial instalment finds a new lease of life with the global recession and helping the audience to take imagined revenge on those causing our financial woes. It targets medical insurance companies that put profit over care, submitting them to Jigsaw's house of horrors.

And it sees Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) continuing the gruesome games instigated by murderous mastermind Jigsaw.

As the FBI close in on their man, the psychotic officer subjects fresh victims to his torturous death traps - all shot in the hellishly dark and blood-soaked grime that gives the series its tone.

Ongoing plot-threads from earlier movies and Tobin Bell's macabre moral murderer are there for the faithful to chew over, but a new roster of characters, a re-energised script, and a welcome vein of dark humour make this frightful fun.


ON THE BALL... Kenny Miller ON CALL... Docs Dawn Harper, Christian Jessen and Pixie McKenna gOiNg strAight... Colin Farrell
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