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The MicroMash CPA REVIEW

The MicroMash CPA REVIEW has a well earned reputation as the final answer for CPA Exam candidates.

The MicroMash CPA REVIEW covers all four parts of the exam. It includes over 2,200 multiple-choice and 70 essay and long problems from recent CPA exams, all with complete text answers.

In addition, all multiple-choice questions are weighted in accordance with the AICPA Content Specification Outlines. Weighting gives the probability of that type of question appearing on the exam.

The MicroMash CPA REVIEW also includes two additional elements: REFERENCE software, and bound REFERENCE volumes. In simplest terms, they work with PROGRESS--which reports how you are doing and suggests what you need to cover again. The REFERENCE software directs you to the exact page and paragraph you need to study in the five-volume REFERENCE SERIES and the specific paragraph of the prevailing accounting authority.

Some of the features included with the MicroMash CPA REVIEW include:

* Database disks containing over 2,200 multiple-choice and 70 essay questions

* Evaluator diagnostic disks;

* REFERENCE software disk(s);

* PROGRESS program disk(s);


* Time flexibility--as many or as few questions as you have time for;

* Category flexibility--select your questions from the entire database, a single category, or multiple categories;

* Choose the type of questions you want to study;

* Have the answers handy while you study the questions; and

* Remembers how many times you've seen each question and whether you answered it correctly or not. In short, you decide how you'd like to study and the program recommends what you need to study.

MicroMash 6402 South Troy Circle Englewood, CO 80111-6424 1-800-272-PASS

Requirements: The MicroMash CPA REVIEW runs on all IBM-PCs and compatibles, and the Apple Macintosh. It will run on both systems with as little as 512K RAM and two floppy disk drives. However, we recommend that you install the CPA REVIEW on a hard drive whenever possible for greatest ease of use. You will need about 5.7MB of hard-drive space for the entire database, on either system.

* Price: $650. Many colleges make MicroMash available to their students at a nominal cost.

One-Write Plus Version 3.0

One-Write Plus Accounting is the core of the One-Write Plus family of small business accounting and financial software. Other One-Write Plus members include One-Write Plus Payroll and One-Write Plus Accounting Works, a package that contains accounting, payroll, One-Write Plus collections (formerly Get Paid Plus), @ Accounting, DataSave, and PC Menu.

Version 3.0 has improved reporting capabilities and budgeting, increased functionality, and enhanced communications and information flow. Also, significant improvements have been made in flexibility, integration, control, and speed.

The following are some of the Version 3.0 features:

General Ledger. Detail general ledger; offers customizable charts of accounts; handles up to 99 companies and departments; generates clear audit trail; handles up to 15 bank and credit card accounts; automatically posts to general ledger; handles prior-period adjustments; doesn't force immediate year-end close; and recurring journal entries.

Checkwriting. Up to 15 individual checking accounts; handles manual checks.

Billing/Invoicing. Prints 3 types of invoice formats: service, professional, and inventory; automatically transfers information from customer card to invoice.

Accounts Receivable. Accommodates up to 5,000 customers; stores detail customer history; tracks credit status; calculates sales tax; automatically calculates discounts and finance charges; allows flexible aging and payment terms; customize statements with past due and other messages; and automatically records and processes recurring monthly invoices.

Accounts Payable. Accommodates up to 5,000 vendors; stores detail vendor history; processes void checks and vendor credit memos; includes pop-up vendor lists and cards; automatically selects invoices due for payment; and allows you to choose the ones you want to pay, in whole or in part.

Inventory Tracking. Tracks individual items by weight, size, color, etc.; stores inventory transaction detail; tracks reorder points; and handles up to 5,000 items.

Budgeting. Automatically generates monthly budget; and variable monthly budgeting.

Quick Set-Up. Set up in less than 15 minutes; automatically customizes all your ledgers and journals; and includes tutorial with sample company and data.

14 Pre-designed Business Categories. General business/retail; medical or dental practices; farm/agricultural; legal practices; non-profit organizations; local governments; personal finance; accountants or bookkeepers; contractors or builders; religious organizations; service businesses or professionals; manufacturers; real estate or property management; and template for designing your own.

Additional Features. On-line help; password protection; commissions tracking; property management; customizable terminology; escrow/trust fund; project tracking; fixed asset tracking; investment tracking; merchandise rental or leasing; professional cost tracking; and add customer, vendor and general ledger; accounts on the fly.

MECA Software, Inc. P.O. Box 912 Fairfield, CT 06430-0912 1-800-388-8000 (203) 255-6300 FAX

System Requirements. IBM PC or Compatible; MS-DOS or PC-DOS, Version 3.1 or higher is required, 3.3 is recommended; 640K RAM and Hard Disk; and IBM compatible printer.

Price: $129.95: upgrades for current users $69.95.
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Date:Feb 1, 1993
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