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What's new to say on Diana?

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SO many documentaries have been made about Princess Diana, I just don't know what is news anymore.

Take last night's feature-length ITV tribute, Diana. Was it a fresh revelation that Diana's favourite TV show was Crossroads?

When her former flatmate revealed this nugget it certainly felt like hot information.

Plus, had Diana's favourite character been Benny it might have explained why she ended up marrying a bumbling clown who was handy in the garden.

In the end I decided it sounded like something even the most casual Diana observer would have known. So I looked it up, and instantly wished I hadn't.

Up popped a cutting from an interview with a guy called Paul Burrell - who, apparently, used to work for Diana - in which he claimed she was more of a Brookside fan.

Which means I must now add Favourite TV Soap to the list of Dianarelated facts and figures that require an asterisk or a TBC.

That it's quite a long list is great news for all the royal experts and trusted thing insiders who regularly board the Diana gravy train - a train that is now even longer than the one on her famous wedding dress.

This latest month-long round-trip has been organised to mark what would have been her 60th birthday on July 1.

I don't know why ITV went early last night, but if the tone was anything to go by, Charles and Camilla should unplug the Highgrove tellies for the foreseeable.

On the face of it, Diana was a classy, almost wistful tribute to her short life. Anecdote-wise, I particularly enjoyed a former AIDS patient recalling how he and Diana would play games of "guess the perfume" together. (Throw in some masks and a celebrity panel and that's a Saturday night ITV hit right there.)

However, there were many subtle digs at her ex-husband along the way, including that legendary "Whatever 'in love' means" gaffe and very obvious nods to there being three of them in that marriage.

more concerned the Crossroads Brookside

Not that Diana was painted as a saint. The inside story behind her secret collusion with biographer Andrew Morton certainly added context to the recent Martin Bashir furore. It would appear Diana was practising subterfuge and distraction like an MI5 pro long before Bashir's forger began inking his quill.

Anne critics wrong

That excuses neither Bashir nor the BBC. It does, however, make me wonder whether the effects of Bashir's deception were quite as devastating as certain people like to make out.

Although, to be honest, I'm still more bothered about the Crossroads/Brookside thing.

'' I'm more concerned about the Crossroads Brookside thing

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Author:IAN HYLAND'S TV DIARYH e w r iHtees wabroituets taeblloyu...t wteelelyk..l.y... weekly
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 25, 2021
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