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What's new in welding, sealing & bonding.

Look for welders of every type with new microprocessor controls--and even a computer network.

New ultrasonic, vibration, extrusion, hot-plate, and hot-air welders will be shown in Chicago. If any trend is apparent, it's the growing importance of microprocessor controls--one supplier, in fact, will exhibit a computer terminal for monitoring a network of welding units.

At least two firms indicate they will unveil "totally new" plastic welding processes based on novel, proprietary (i.e., unidentified) technologies. Branson Ultrasonics Corp., Danbury, Conn., says it will introduce a new welder based on a complete new plastics joining technology. Vinton Inc., Rochester, N.Y., indicates it will exhibit a new welding process that is "distinct from any other now on the market."

There will also be a few new entries in fasteners, inserts and adhesives.


The Dukane Multiplexer, a new network controller for ultrasonic welding, will be introduced by the Ultrasonics Div. of Dukane Corp., St. Charles, Ill. The multiplexer enables a single work-station to communicate with up to eight Dukane Ultra-Com microcomputer control and monitoring systems. Dukane also will introduce a new mobile workstation designed for both single-and dual-headed ultrasonic welding applications.

Branson will exhibit a new 3000-watt power supply, the latest addition to its 9000 Series ultrasonic product line.

Three models in the Dialog ultrasonic welding line will be unveiled by Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., Schaumburg, Ill. The PS, HS and Ultrasafe models feature full computer control and a built-in quality control system, with weld-quality graphs displayed on a CRT screen. One system has a robot to remove any below-quality assemblies.

New products being introduced by Ultra Sonic Seal Co., Aston, Pa., will include hand-held and bench-model ultrasonic welders in the 36-kHz operating frequency, and a 15-kHz bench-model welder.

Sonics & Materials Inc., Danbury, Conn., will exhibit a new 35-kHz ultrasonic welder, as well as new models in its 15-kHz series.


At least three other major welding technologies will be represented among the new products at the show:

Vibration welders: Forward Technology Industries Inc., Minneapolis, will unveil its new KLN microprocessor-controlled vibration welder series. Offered in two models (100 and 200 Hz), the welders provide part-to-part accuracy of 0.05 mm at the end of weld, according to the company.

Two new vibration welders--Model VW/4 floor-standing unit, and a benchtop unit--will be introduced by Branson Ultrasonics. And Vinton will show upgraded versions of its existing LVW series of linear vibration welders.

Extrusion welders: Hand-held extrusion welders will be shown by two firms. Wegener North America Inc., Burr Ridge, Ill., will introduce a new line with increased output and lighter weight; while Drader Manufacturing Industries Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, will display its new Injectiweld unit.

Hot-air/hot-place welders: Technoplast International, Corrales, N.M., sub. of Technoplast-Austria, will introduce a new microprocessor-controlled, four-corner welding system for PVC windows.

Hill Machinery Co., Grand Rapids, Mich., says it will introduce a new heat-bonding assembly process for making luggage tags, incorporating a dual film-feed system.

Also look for a new hot-air staking machine from Service Tectonics, Inc.


ATF Inc., Lincolnwood, Ill., will introduce the self-tapping PT screw, designed for direct fastening into filled and unfilled thermoplastics.

A new double-ended Tech-Sonic insert will be introduced by PSM Fastener Corp., Fairfield, N.J. Helicoil, a unit of Black & Decker, Danbury, Conn., will display new custom-designed fastener inserts and studs for composite materials. Standard Insert Co., Horsham, Pa., will introduce a new line of inserts for ultrasonic insertion into thermoplastics after molding.

A new line of acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive foam tapes will be unveiled by Stik-II Products, Easthampton, Mass. Conex of Georgia, Carrollton, Ga., will introduce new hot-melt glue products for packaging materials.
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Title Annotation:National Plastics Exposition '91
Author:Gabriele, Michael C.
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:May 1, 1991
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