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What's new in materials.

Emphasis is about evenly balanced between new engineering materials and polyolefin, styrenic or vinyl entries. Flame-retardant, recycled, and "resorbable" compounds are especially notable.

An assortment of new nylons, accetals, and a brand-new generic family of polymers called polyphthalamides head the roster of new engineering thermopastics being unveiled at this year's NPE. Emphasis on flame-retardant grades will be especially evident. In addition, there are lots of new styrenics, polyolefins and vinyls to consider, including an expanding range of recycled resins.


A rash of new nylon resins and compounds will be introduced at NPE, reaffirming nylon's continued prominence as a dynamic material technology (see PT, June '90, p. 78).

Ashley Polymers Inc., a New York-based compounder and distributor, will introduce a new line of flame-retardant nylon 66. Thermofil In., Brighton, Mich., is introducing new grades of nylon 6 and 66 with various combinations of glass and ceramic fiber reinforcements. Fiber loadings in some grades run as high as 55%.

BASF Corp., Parsippany, N.J., is exhibiting a new high-impact grade of its Ultramid nylon 66. Franklin Polymers Inc., a distributor based in Broomall, Pa., will display a new series of a impact-modified and flame-retardant nylon 66 compounds made by Mid-West Polymer Inc., West Bend, Wis. 3M Industrial Specialties Div., St. Paul, Minn., will introduce a low-density nylon 66 (filled with hollow microspheres) for automotive parts. Du Pont Co., Wilmington, Del., will introduce a new color system for its Zytel nylons. And three new lubricated grades of Stanyl nylon 46 will be exhibited by DSM Engineering Plastics North America Inc., a subsidiary of DSM of the Netherlands (Pt, Feb. '91, p. 81).

Although it has been classified as a distinct new generic class of crystalline engineering thermoplastic, the new Amodel polyphthalamide family from Amoco Performance Products, Inc., Atlanta, has been described by one compounder that has tested it as "basically a crystalline aromatic nylon" (PT, April '91, p. 45). It has high heat resistance, good mechanical properties, and nylon-like easy-molding characteristics. Amoco will be highlighting its newest resin family at the show. A brochure on 11 Amodel grades (unreinforced, impact-modified, reinforced with glass, mineral or both, and flame-retardant/glass-reinforced) has just been issued. RTP Co., Winona, Minn., which has new glass- and carbon-fiber compounds based on Amodel, will also be at the show.


The Resin Exchange, Cape Girardeau, Mo., is introducing RX2 202 flame-retardant HIPS, which has a UL 94V-0 rating at 0.120 in. and comes in custom colors. It has a notched Izod impact strength of 1.9 ft-lb/in.

Additional flame-retardant HIPS grades, tailored for consumer electronics and business machines, will be introduced by Thermoofil. 3M is set to introduce a new ABS compound filled with hollow glass microspheres to reduce density. Deer Polymer Corp., Auburn, Mass., will exhibit two new medium-impact grades of ABS. Known as the Deerabs line, Deer will show black (70534) and natural (70340) versions.


Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn., will highlight Kodapak EBM, a new high-molecular-weight PET whose enhanced melt strength permits a new range of unoriented extrusion blow molding applications, including handleware (see Blow Molding section and PT, Jan. '91, p. 14 for more on this topic).

A new PET formulation that provides improved long-term color stability at elevated temperatures will join Du Pont's Rynite product line. Developmental grades of 30%-glass Rynite RE 5210 and RE 5211 are being evaluated by several domestic appliance manufacturers.

Franklin Polymers is exhibiting new PBT grades from Mitsubishi Kasei designed for electrical connectors. 3M is showing a new PBT compounded with glass microspheres for low density. At the opposite end of the density scale, GE Plastics will display new grades of its highly filled "Heavy" Valox PBT (PT, Dec. '89, p. 23).


New high-flow acetal copolymers, designed to fill thin-walled, complex parts and improve cycle times, will be unveiled by the Engineering Plastics Div. of Hoechst Celanese Corp., Chatham, N.J. The new Celcon grades reportedly offer melt-flow rates of 52 to 90 g/10 min, compared with a previous high of 45 for the company.

Processing improvements are also a key feature in new grades of Delrin acetal homopolymer from Du Pont. In addition to faster cycle times, Du Pont says the new grades will provide improved wear assistance.

New grades of Ultraform acetal copolymer will be introduced by BASF, while Franklin Polymers is distributing a new heat-and color-stable extrusion grade (F10-01) in the lupital acetal line of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical.


A new olefin-based alloy called Optum, designed for extrusion, coextrusion and thermoformed packaging applications, will be introduced by the Engineering Thermoplastics Div. of Ferro Corp., Independence, Ohio. Ferro also in unveiling a new line of reinforced PPs.

Distributors Calsak Corp., Compton, Calif., and Advanced Web Productsx Inc., New York, concurrently will exhibit the new Polyfine MF series of an unidentified polyolefin touted as a replacement for acetal in mechanical applications requiring wear assistance and lubricity (PT, April '91, p. 121). Polyfine grades have melt-flow range between 10 and 45 g/10 min, HDT of 212-266 F, and flexural moduli up to 484,000 psi.

The Resin Exchange has a new flame-retardant PP known as RX5-102, said to meet UL 94V-2 at 0.030 in. and available in custom colors.

Phillips 66 Co., Bartlesville, Okla., is highlighting its new glass-coupled polymethylpentene (PMP), Crystalor HBG-30HP, which provides significantly improved properties over standard glass-filled PMP (PT, April '91, p. 53).



Cyro Industries, Mt. Arlington, N.J., a producer of acrylics and acrylic-based compounds, says it will unveil a new alloy at NPE, but declines to offer preview details. BASF also says it will introduce a new material, describing it only as a high-heat resistant thermoplastic.

A new line of "intrinsically conductive" thermoplastic custom compounds will be introduced by Americhem Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Proprietary resin dispersion reportedly make the compounds conductive without use of metal or carbon black. PVC and nylon compounds are slated for introduction, with development underway on ABS and polycarbonate. The series is tentatively named Incoblend.

Dow Plastics, Midland, Mich., will show off its two new families of thermoplastic alloys, Sabre PC/polyester blends and Prevail TPU/ABS. They were first introduced at the recent Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) show in Detroit, but both are said to have nonautomotive market potential as well (PT, April '91, p. 27).

The Adhesives and Specialty Polymers Div. of Morton International, Seabrook, N.H., will unveil a new TPU line that is "breathable," offering high moisture-vapor transmission rates. Morton also will exhibit TPUs for extrusion and injection molding.

North Coast Compounders, North Ridgeville, Ohio, will introduce four new flame-retardant TPU alloys, which have a UL 94V-0 rating.

"Resorbable" polyesters, bioabsorbable homopolymers and copolymers derived from lactic and glycolic acid, will be exhibited by Henley Chemicals Inc., Montvale, N.J. Known as the Resomer product line, the polyesters are hydrolytically degraded when exposed to moisture, making them suited to medical applications such as body implants.



Several new film grades of Flexomer linear VLDPE copolymers will be promoted by Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics Co., Danbury, Conn. A new family of high-molecular-weight and broad-molecular-weight distribution resins will be featured in the booth, along with improved grades for geomembranes, hose, tubing, and TPOs.

Two broad-MWD Flexomer grades will improved surface cling are aimed at blown films for shrink wrap, bag-in-box and form-fill-seal packaging. Market development quantities have been available for a month or two. Flexomer DEFD 9068 and DEFD 9069 are both hexene copolymers that comply with FDA regulations for food contact. DEFD 9069 has a higher density (0.912), lower melt index (13), and superior heat sealability. Properties include dart impact strength of 660 g/mil, puncture resistance of 26 in.-lb/mil, Elmendorf tear strength of 230/500 g/mil (MD/TD), and secant modulus of 24,000/28,000 psi. For stretch film, these resins are offered as alternatives to LLDPE tackified with PIB, EVA, or even PVC.

Carbide is also bringing out new Tuflin HAO LLDPE film resins with higher molecular wights, offering higher impact and tear strengths.

Hoechst Celanese will introduce Hostalen GM9445 HT, a "high-tenacity" HMW-HDPE film resin boasting improved tear strength for can liners and heavy-duty shipping sacks.

And in bottle resins, Union Carbide has a new very-low-taste/odor HDPE homopolymer for milk, water and juice packaging.

In PP, Himont, Inc., Wilmington, Del., plans to introduce new PP grades for thin-wall injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion coating and film. Amoco Chemical Co., Chicago, will highlight eight new random copolymers for a variety of applications (see table):

Grade 8217 (2.8 MFR) has improved flexibility and stretchability; itss aimed at oriented film, profile extrusion and blow molding.

Grade 8244 (1.8 MFR) has higher toughness, appropriate for extrusion blow molding.

Grade 8410 (7.5 MFR), with slip and antiblock, is for clean, gel-free cast film.

Grade 8417 (6 MFR) is mainly for OPP film and injection molding, though it can be used for stretch-blow molding and cast film.

Grade 8444 (11 MFR) is for injection molding.

Grade 8449 (12 MFR) is a clarified, antistatic resin for injection and stretch-blow.

Grade 8634 (20 MFR) is a nucleated antistatic controlled-rheology resin with enhanced clarity and fast injection molding cycles.

Grade 8949 (35 MFR), clarified and antistatic, is a high-clarity CR resin for thin-wall molding.

In addition, Amoco says a limited supply of precommercial quantities of a PP terpolymer is available, and impact copolymers will be offered for evaluation this year.

BP Chemicals, Cleveland, will show new Barex nitrile barrier copolymers that reportedly benefit from improved manufacturing technology, just implemented in the last quarter, which will affect all grades. Initial trials show up to 40% improved color and up to 20% improved impact strength over previous Barex, the company says.


A new grade of high-heat-resistant rigid PVC, Geon HTX 6220, will be displayed by BFGoodrich, Cleveland. The new grade, with HDT of 178-190 F (unannealed vs. annealed) at 66 psi and 169-187 F at 264 psi, is designed for cases for high-resolution computer monitors, which generate more heat than ordinary computer monitors. Other properties of this interior uv-stable compound include Vicat temperatures of 181-193 F, flex modulus of 365,000 psi, and Gardner impact of greater than 320 in.-lb (210 in.-lb at -20 F).

Novatec Plastics & Chemicals Co. Inc., Eatentown, N.J., will highlight three new PVC water-bottle compounds (Novablend 5556, 5557, 5558), which are calcium-zinc stabilized and available as pellet or dryblend. Novatec also has expanded its Novablend injection molding PVC compounds to include low-, medium- and high-flow formulations.

BFGoodrich, Cleveland, has expanded its new Flexel family "vinyl-based alloys" of proprietary composition for wire and cable with three additional grades (PT, Feb. '90, p. 19). Flexel 1010 is a copper plenum jacket compound; Flexel 1500 is an insulation compound for copper plenum cable; and Flexel 2000 is for jacketing fiber-optic cables. All three are said to show low smoke and flame spread, toughness and good elongation retention after high-temperature aging.

A new line of flexible PVCs for extruded and injection molded handles for tools and sporting goods will be shown by Bayshore Vinyl Compounds Inc., Keyport, N.J. The new compounds are said to have superior grip and wear properties.

Rigid PVCs for injection molding will be introduced from Hongkong by Louie Industrial Co. Ltd.


Several companies will feature recycled materials. Bayshore Vinyl Compounds will soon introduce to the U.S. a "new European technology" for reprocessing rigid PVC scrap. Bayshore says it will buy rigid scrap, sell reprocessed compounds, and also offer toll services.

The Ricard Group, Trenton, N.J. (a recently acquired unit of Resource Recycling Technologies, Inc. in Binghamton, N.Y.), will show a new recycled PPE-alloy sheet, based on reclaimed post-industrial scrap of GE Plastics' Noryl. The new recycled sheet will be available in gray and black and will compete with PS, the company says.

Other firms offering recycled resins at the show will include Wellman Inc., Johnsonville, S.C. (HDPE); M.A. Industries, Inc., Peachtree City, Ga. (PET, HDPE); MRC Polymers, Inc., Chicago; Occidental Chemical Co., Pottstown, Pa. (PVC); BFGoodrich (PVC); and Polymerland, Inc., Parkersburg, W.Va. (ABS, PC, PC/PBT). Some other firms may be talking about their intent to sell recycled resins, although their programs have not started up yet, including Dow, Union Carbide, and Quantum Chemical Corp.'s USI Div., Cincinnati. Although it has not announced one yet, there are also indications that a recycling program is brewing at Paxon Polymer Co., Baton Rouge, La., a joint venture of Allied-Signal and Exxon Chemical (formerly Allied-Signal's HDPE business). Paxon has already begun to buy post-consumer bottles. And GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., plans to announce a large customer application in reclaiming post-industrial scrap.
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