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What's new in extrusion.

In the spotlight: New film, sheet, profile, and reclaim lines, and sophisticated gauges and controls.

Visitors to NPE '91 will encounter a vast showing of new equipment in every area of extrusion. In blown film, automatic dies, rotating dies for HDPE, and scrap-reclaim systems will headline exhibits. Innovations in sheet include a glazing line with drives that eliminate the need for gearboxes between motor and rolls. In profiles, technology for [TiO.sub.2] reduction in siding will be introduced. Higher-performance screws and barrels, new extruder suppliers, and a deluge of new extrusion controls--with a emphasis on gravimetrics and SPC reporting--will be spotlighted. To top it off, there will be many new domestic and foreign suppliers introducing unfamiliar product lines. Here's a preview of what to expect. (For news in pelletizers and screenchangers, see Compounding feature.)


Reifenhauser Film Systems, Peabody, Mass., will demonstrate a highpressure rotatinng die and a newly designed extruder for HMW-HDPE blown film (see PT, March '91, p. 13). The die has an eight-port, 16-spiral design that is said to be easy to bring into adjustment and not prone to port flow problems.

Scrap reclaim will be featured by Alpine American, Natick, Mass. A thinguage film line will be producing 43-in. layflat can liners through a three-layer die that accepts inserts from 4.7 in. to 8.7 in. Three-layer can liners will include HDPE and LLDPE with up to 20% postconsumer regrind. The demonstration will also involve a new on-line production monitoring system and Alpine's latest surface winder with taper-tension control.

A Maxi-Cool 2+2 blown-film air ring, desinged for coextrusion and low-meltstrength polymers, will headline the booth of Filmaster Inc., Fairfield, N.J. It's said to provide infinitely controllable primary and secondary air flows, superior support of the bubble stalk, improved bubble geometry, and 10-20% output increases.

A new air ring for HMW-HDPE film, said to enhance gauge uniformity and bubble control without the use of IBC, will be demonstrated by Future Design Inc., Brampton, Ontario.

A number of blown film introductions will be on hand at Brampton Engineering (1983) Inc., Brampton, Ontario. A Slimline Coextrusion Die (SCD) system will be on display as part of a fivelayer lay line. The SCD system allows the user to select the number of materials to be run through combinations of one to five or more individual layer modules, with optional temperature isolation of individual layers. Also on hand will be a Haze Free Die, said to virtually eliminate haze markes on film in both mono-and multilayer applications.

Brampton will also display its UniFlo Tandem Air Ring, which incorporates a single-lip air ring at die level to precool the molten plastic and increase melt stability. A low-volume low-blow-up air ring will also be shown. Farther downstream, Brampton will introduce a 360[degrees] oscillating hauloff and a center winder.

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co., Gloucester, Mass., will demonstrate a line with automatic gauge control through its Auto Profile Air Ring (see PT, Jan. '90, p. 75). Other enhancements on the line include an IBC three-layer die for quick startup; air-board collapsing frame to eliminate roll bagginess; new heavy-duty gearboxes turning 60-mm helical grooved-feed and 3.5-in. smoothbore extruders; and 1008 series winder with new Panelview touchscreen for single-station control.

Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, will feature two new products: a D9 air ring with enhanced cooling and versatility, and a simplified surface winder with easy roll handling and speeds up to 600 ft/min.

Davis-Standard Div. of Crompton & Knowles Corp., Pawcatuck, Conn., will show off its recently expanded capabilities in blown film with a three-layer die and oscillating die-block assembly. Also on hand will be a Sterling 70-mm HDPE extruder with an 8-in. single-layer die, internal bubble stabilizer, and single-lip air ring.

Addex, Inc., Boston, will introduce a Griffin blown-film cooling system that is said to enhance output and reduce gauge variations dramatically. It will also show for the first time its Gauge Band Randomizer oscillating hauloff.

Briefly rounding up other news:

* Western Polymer Div. of John Brown Inc., Oconto Falls, Wis., will display a new five-layer die, air ring, and Entrac twin air-ring auxiliary system.

* The Jet Cool internal bubble cooling system, as well as air-cooler model EC22W, will be introduced by Kiefel, Inc., Foxboro, Mass.

* Sano Inc., Passaic, N.J., will show new Cincinnati Milacron single-crew extruders (see below) as part of a blown-film line.

* A lab-scale blown-film line will be introduced by Wayne Machine & Die Co., Totowa, N.J.


The HGL Horizontal Glazing Line with power-moveable polishing rolls is the latest from HPM Corp., Mt. Gilead, Ohio. The sheet line will incorporate a new brushless d-c, high-torque, low-speed motor. The motor, which provides over 700 lb of torque, is said to eliminate the need for a gearbox between the motor and the rolls, thus avoiding backlash from the gearboxes.

Sheet equipment displayed by Battenfeld Gloucester will include a new Lever Arm Roll Stack to run thin-gauge and embossed product. Also on hand will be a 45[degrees] slanted roll stack for optical sheet and other sensitive applications. Pitching the die at a 45[degrees] angle to the stack is said to eliminate droop. A new modular cast embossing unit will also be shown.

Two new sheet lines will be introduced by Welex Inc., Blue Bell, Pa. One is a high-capacity multilayer line for thermoformed barrier containers. It will be fed by two extruders, and may be expanded to five extruders to produce up to nine layers. Features include a fiveroll stack for maximum cooling. The second sheet line is for optical-grade sheet of various materials. An offset stack arrangement places the bottom roll 45[degrees] towards the die. A digital hydraulic roll-gap adjustment positions rolls exactly as required by the product. The latter sheet line is controlled by a Welex Ultima II control system, first displayed at K'89 (PT, Jan. '90, p. 74). Features include a new trending capability to track process information over time.

NRM-Steelastic, Columbiana, Ohio, will introduce a newly designed Acculayer sheet line capable of running a wide range of products from commodity to glazing quality. And McNeil Akron, Inc., Akron, Ohio, will introduce a fiveroll calender for coextruded sheet.

A new cast film/sheet system featuring a seven-layer feedblock for research and small-scale production will be shown by Wayne Machine & Die Co. A Ala/small-production-scale sheet take-off system also will be introduced.

Two new sheet dies are being introduces by Production Components/Chippewa Valley Die, Inc., Eau Claire, Wis. The Masterflex R/LLD-75 die weighs about one-third less than conventional dies; the ELD-40 die accommodates low-melt-strength materials by using extended lips.

A new plastic tape stretching system will be displayed by Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp., Lincoln, R.I. The Tirex LT line is said to produce high-quality plastic tapes and can process PP, HDPE, and LLDPE using a single-screw extruder with outputs up to 750 lb/hr. An automatic, laterally moving slitter minimizes waste and allows full use of film width. Edge trim is automatically refed to the extruder.


Two new twin-screw extruders--40 mm and 108 mm--will be shown by American Maplan, McPherson, Kans. Maplan will also show a new line for window profiles, including calibration table, cutter, puller, and collection units, as well as a spider section for large pipe heads.

Krauss-Maffei Corp., Florence, Ky., will show a complete siding coextrusion line with a KMC2-130/60KK extruder, turret embossing stand, calibration table, puller, and siding die. The line reportedly will show off new technology to reduce [TiO.sub.2] consumption, and will feature a new rotating embosser. Also shown will be a means of extruding fiber-optic tubing with an internal spiral groove to reduce friction against the fragile optical fiber.

A high-speed profile extrusion system will be introduced by Krupp Bellaform Div. of Krupp Plastics & Rubber Machinery, Inc., Edison, N.J. The fully automated line will produce small-dian., thin-wall circular profiles at rates up to about 984 ft/min with a tolerance of about [+ or -]1.2 mils in diameter and wall thickness.

Brampton Engineering will seek to increase its presence in pipe and profiles with the introduction of its new M-R series single-screw extruders. Initially, this series will be available in 2-in., 2 1/2-in., 3 in., and 3 1/2-in. diam., and in 24:1 and 30:1 L/Ds.

In corrugated pipe, Cullum Machine Tool & Die, Inc., Cleveland, Tenn., will show its new model 3456-90. The machine produces product with uniform longitudinal wall thickness along the valley, sidewall, and crown. The new UC65 corrugator from Unicor GmbH (represented by A.I.M. International, Macon, Ga.) for producing small-diameter flexible plastic tubes features modular units of length and an intensive spray-cooling system.

New model 820 Vacuum Corrugator system for the manufacture of corrugated single-and double-wall pipe will be shown by Corma Inc., Concord, Ontario. The model covers a wider size range, from 2-in. I.D. to 10-in. O.D., than was previously possible.

Rollepaal-U.S.A., Bethesda, Md., will introduce from Holland the CCM 110-450 pipe-cutting and chamfering machine with total material reclaim, quick diameter change, and low noise for pipe diam. from 4 to 16 in.

Speedex (Engineering) Sales Inc., Pompano Beach, Fla., will be showing an automatic traveling, chamfering, and parting-off machine, model CP/110, which is capable of swarfless and noiseless cutting.

A new rotary-knife tubing/profile cutter with a high degree of cutting force and accuracy with a minimum of moving parts is being introduced by Killion Extruders, Cedar Grove, N.J. The unit has an optional, mechanically linked dead-stop that has achieved [+ or -]7-mil accuracy at line speeds over 100 ft/min and up to 300 cuts/min.

A line of fully automatic coilers for tubes and hoses in the diam. range of 29 1/2 to 63 in. will be introduced by Nokia-Maillefer Inc., South Hadley, Mass. These MW type coilers have speeds up to about 197 ft/min with fast, automatic changeover from one reel core to the other.

Vulcan Machinery Corp., Akron, Ohio, will exhibit a new servomotor-driven traverser for its Sonic Loop Coilers and Fixed Shaft Coilers, designed to provide better pitch accuracy and control. Also introduced will be a vacuum sizer for tubing, which enables the company to provide turnkey tubing systems.

New traveling saws for rigid extrusions will be introduced by G.F. Goodman & Son, Inc., Warminster, Pa. (Model 4); RDN Manufacturing Co., Wood Date, Ill. (Model C-420); and Versa Machinery Co., Somerville, N.J. Versa will also introduce a low-tension reeler/winder for small-diam. tubing, and Goodman will show a new microprocessor-based length and batch counter for tubing and profiles.

Progressive Machine Co., Ringwood, N.J., will introduce a single-spindle traverse winder Model S109 for short-run extrusions, lab sampling, trim winding, and other discontinuous winding.

Holzma=U.S., Gastonia, N.C., will introduce the model PU15/30 profile wrapping machine, providing decorative overlays on rigid profiles.


Cincinnati Milacron's U.S. Plastics Machinery Div., Batavia, Ohio, will make its debut in the realm of single-screw extruders. A complete line of U.S.-made single-screws will be featured in L/Ds of 25:1 and 30:1 and diameters of 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, and 6 in.

In addition, Egan Machinery Div. of John Brown, Somerville, N.J., will show its newly "standardized" line of Powerflite single-screw extruders from 2 1/2 to 8 in. (PT, Feb. '91, p. 96).

A new model of "screwless" rotary extruders will be on hand from InstaMelt Systems, Midland, Texas. The Model T smooth-rotor extruder features an outlet at the top of the extruder barrel that effectively increases the unit's throughput capacity and is said to provide a higher production rate and improved homogeneity than the previous configuration with the outlet on the side.

A number of extruders designed for recycling will be on hand. Extrudaids Ltd. of England (represented by Action Industries Inc., Ellington, Conn.) will introduce the "Aqua Munchy" extruder designed for gentle operation that will not "overwork" the polymer. A dry-face pelletizer and air-conveying components also compose the system.

Berlyn Corp., Worcester, Mass., will demonstrate a recycling system that extrudes, filters, and pelletizes scrap and reclaim at up to 1200 lb/hr. NRM-Steelastic plans to show new reclaim/recycling equipment for making plastic lumber.

Several small-output and lab-sized extruders will be introduced. Randcastle Extrusion Systems, Inc., Little Falls, N.J., will demonstrate a benchtop fiber line, catheter tubing line, and five-layer coextrusion line featuring a new 1/2-in. and two 1/4-in. extruders and versatile feedblock. It will also have two new pelletizing lines--one for research quantities and one development-sized, as well as an on-line extrusion rheometer.

C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc., South Hackensack, N.J., will introduce a 3/4-in. tabletop extruder. The Genca Unit of Penn Central Corp., Clearwater, Fla., will introduce a 1 1/4-in. portable vertical extruder and a 1-in. benchtop model, as well as a three-layer die to extrude a foam core of PVC, PE or ABS, or center regrind layer in any combination of A-B-C material having similar rheology and processing parameters.

In gear pumps, Zenith Pumps Div. of Parker Hannifin Corp., Sanford, N.C., will introduce Exposed Gear Reactor (EGR) pumps that fit under the reactor. The pump uses an oversized inlet port for vessel-bottom gravitational feed, which provides complete gear-tooth fill. A new Polymer Extrusion Pump (PEP-II) is said to provide a 5-10% increase in throughput while consuming 5-10% less power. Also, a Magnetic-Coupled Sealless Metering Pump System will be shown. Normag Div. of Dynisco Corp., Hickory, N.C., will introduce a chemical transfer pump and enhanced SDP-090 gear pump with servo drive.


Xaloy Corp., Pulaski, Va., is introducing X-102, a new generation of general-purpose bimetallic barrels with improved resistance to corrosion and abrasive wear. Test data have shown that the X-102 barrel alloy provides more than twice the corrosion resistance of its predecessor, X-101, in 10% HCl. The new barrel also provides about one-third greater resistance to abrasion than the previous standard, according to tests simulating processing conditions. This higher performance comes at no greater cost.

Reifenhauser will introduce its KDT dual-flight screw with increased L/D ratio and dual-flight design. It's said to reduce temperature variation at the screw tip for more uniform gauge and physical properties, and reportedly provides better shear control to prevent runaway melt temperatures at high outputs.

Flite Technology, Inc., Cocoa, Fla., will exhibit new screws specifically designed for recycling, along with its twin-screw resleeving service. Century Specialties, Inc., Traverse City, Mich., will display an expanded line of screws, shafts, and segments for single- and twin-screw extruders. Migrandy Corp., Merritt Island, Fla., will introduce a root-surface covering for replacing PTFE coating.


A relatively new company, Extek Inc., Marblehead, Mass., will introduce its own line of hydraulic screen changers to supplement Chiva manual screenchangers from Spain, which it represents in the U.S. (see Compounding feature for more details). Another new firm, Princeton Filtration Co., Upper Black Eddy, N.J., will display the CPP (Continuous Power Prefill) hydraulic screenchanger from Gemini Filtration Systems of the U.K. Key Filters will show its line of hydraulic screenchangers, including a 4 1/2-in. continuous unit and 6-in. slide-plate model. In addition, Precision Equipment, Marietta, Ga., will introduce its continuous-operation screenchanger with backflush feature.

For reclaim applications, a new Backflush Screenchanger will be shown by Beringer Div. of John Brown Inc., Marblehead, Mass., capable of rates up to 3000 lb/hr.


For complex control requirements, Measurex Corp., Cupertino, Calif., is introducing a new computer system for integrated line control, which includes on-line measurement, intelligent control, and process information management. The new SuperVision 2002 UT system combines fast scanning measurement with advanced control algorithms to provide quick separation of cross-direction and machine-direction variations. The system centralizes all process data and control in one operator console, allowing operators to view any portion of the process and respond quickly.

In addition, Measurex will demonstrate new CIMbase application software modules for its Vision 2002 Network System. The CIMbase modules link the real-time production-floor automation and control systems to management information systems used for historical production reporting, SQC and SPC.

Buhl Automatic Inc., Guelph, Ontario, l will demonstrate its brand-new IQ Series of modular controls and plantwide networking components. Key elements of Buhl's building-block approach are extremely fast-response control hardware that lets you choose just as much as you need and add on later if desired; and novel all-graphics operator interfaces that eliminate the need to read through pages of text or type on a keyboard. Unusual hand-held controllers are also part of the system options (see PT, April '90, p. 15).

Brampton Engineering will show off its new Italycs computer-controlled, blown-film line-management system developed by Atlanta-based Polynetics Inc., with which it has a sales agreement (see PT, Oct. '90, p. 94). In its simplest form, the system can be used for complete line temperature control and can be modularly expanded to full line control of two five-layer coextrusion setup. It includes gravimetric extrusion controls and manages all IBC-related controls.

A new scanning system called ConceptOne, for on-line continuous measurement of sheet and film, will be introduced by Ohmart Corp., Cincinnati. Aimed at small- to medium-sized processors, it includes a scanning frame with single sensor and a choice of operator control stations that provide gauge profiles, trends, roll reports, and setup recipes.

On-line and off-line thickness gauges will be introduced by MeasureTech, St. Paul, Minn. On-line Series 500 and 700 have a high-resolution, single-side capacitance sensor and computer that serves as operator console and SPC reporting unit. Series 200 off-line units comprise four standalone gauges that interface with a Series 1000 SPC system.

Systronics, Inc., Atlanta, is bringing out the Opti-Cal 1000 single-side, non-nuclear unit to measure transparent cast and blown film lines. In addition, a new video camera-based Plastic Film Inspection system can count and classify defects in film on-line.

The Profiler 420 on-line blown-film thickness gauge with automatic feedback control capability will be introduced by Mocon Controls, Minneapolis. Software includes instant graphic profile, trend analysis, and automatic reports.

Data Measurement Corp., Gaithersburg, Md., will show its DMC 460 thickness and basis-weight radiation sensor. The unit features an 80386 processor for O-frame or single-side frame scanners.

LFE Corp., Clinton, Mass., will display its recently introduced Laser TC Caliper thickness sensor. The unit, offered with LFE's ProfitMaster Systems, is noncontacting and will measure variable density and soft compressible materials.

A newly designed 6888 control console for web measurement will be introduced by Barber-Colman Co., Loves Park, Ill. The console features new hardware and software and compliments its recently introduced passline-independent Betamike sensor and Ultramike noncontacting caliper sensor (PT, April '90, p. 27).

For profiles and pipe, Rollepaal will introduce the PCS4000, an automated twin-screw extruder control with integrated pipe wall-measuring and control system. It's said to provide automatic startup and ramp-up to full speed. A management information system for the PCS will also be shown.

Luwa Corp., Charlotte, N.C., will also introduce a Rotoscanner high-resolution pipe thickness gauge, as well as a dedicated microprocessor for controlling an extruder and gear pump together.

Zumbach Electronics, Mt. Kisko, N.Y., will introduce the compact ODAC 30J modular optical gauging head. The unit has a minimum overall length of 10 in.; a rack-mounted configuration allows the heads to be separated, expanding the unit to 32 1/2 in. between emitter and receiving heads.

Several gauging introductions will be on hand from LaserMike Inc., Dayton, Ohio, including single- and dual-axis benchtop micrometers, 2-in. dual-axis scanner, laser-diode scanning micrometer, dimensional processor and dimensional controller, and remote display that works with all LaserMike processors.


Process Control Corp., Atlanta, will introduce a new generation of its Gravitrol gravimetric extrusion controls (see p.47 for details). Also, Luwa has expanded its Smarthopper gravimetric control system from the former dedicated, non-expandable continuous feeder that controls a single extruder to become a multi-line, multi-ingredient extrusion control system. A new gravimetric extrusion system will also be introduced by Filmaster.

An unusual addition to the new gravimetric extrusion controls will be the TW90K-PH combination loss-in-weight feeder and preheater from Inoex, Inc., Cranston, R.I. For single- and twin-screw extruders, this unit is said to improve machine mixing while reducing extruder energy consumption by up to 30%.
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